Powering Shopper Marketing with Data (501) (Virtual)

Powering Shopper Marketing with Data
Building Effective Data Analysis Practices for Shopper Marketing
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Pre-requisite: ANA Effective Shopper Marketing Workshop 401 (or equivalent knowledge)

Virtual Workshop Description
As an insight-driven marketing communication discipline, shopper marketing reaches its fullest potential when the market, consumer, and shopper data inputs that it is based upon are valid and pertinent. Without such pertinent and reliable data, a shopper marketing campaign will be either too generic or incomplete – in short, it will not be effective in driving ROI. not be effective.

To avoid this pitfall, it is crucial to have both valuable and pertinent data sources as well as the proper analysis methods to extract meaningful, powerful, and relevant conclusions.

In this workshop, you will build upon your earlier exposure to the 9-step Shopper Marketing Planning Process to deepen your understanding of what market, consumer, and shopper data you should be using for developing your Shopper Marketing analysis. How to obtain & access such data, and what analysis you should apply to extract the most meaningful insights will also be reviewed.

You will learn:

  • How to define and set the market, consumer, and shopper data types needed to make effective decisions for insight-driven campaign planning
  • How to select, access, and leverage the appropriate secondary data and build first party/primary data gathering methods to optimize your shopper marketing analysis
  • How to properly analyze data for meaningful conclusions that become the foundations for Shopper Marketing campaign set up – including appropriate shopper target formulation, pertinent retail-manufacturer engagement, optimum consumer and trade promotion techniques, and powerful activation plans.

This engaging, interactive, practice-driven workshop will be facilitated by Shopper Marketing professionals and educators. In addition, as co-authors on a book on this subject, they have surveyed the Shopper Marketing industry to develop a clear step by step planning process to align Shopper Marketing with Marketing and develop effective Shopper Marketing campaigns.

This workshop is the fifth installment in a six-part series titled “ANA Effective Shopper Marketing Mastery Program.”

Virtual Workshop Benefits
After participating in this virtual workshop, attendees will be equipped to:

Improve marketing effectiveness by:

  • ensuring campaigns are driven by data-informed shopper targets, insights, and activation plans.

Improve marketing efficiency by:

  • understanding how to leverage data to extract more meaningful insights for any Shopper Marketing campaigns

Improve marketing ROI by:

  • ensuring that your campaigns achieve the desired business results through the insightful application of relevant data and analysis techniques at every stage


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Jean Marc Rejaud

Founder, Focus Marketing

Accomplished marketing executive (American Express and L’Oreal) and consultant, Jean Marc Rejaud is a Full Time Professor and Assistant Chair in the Advertising and Marketing Communications Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York City) where he teaches and researches new trends-best practices in Shopper Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Digital & Social Marketing, and Global Marketing.

Professor Rejaud is also a sought-after presenter and educator, with teaching and speaking assignments in the U.S., Asia, Latin America, and Europe on topics like Shopper Marketing or Global Marketing. Professor Rejaud is also the co-author of the new Shopper Marketing reference book “Converting Shoppers to Buyers” – already in use at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Professor Jean Marc Rejaud is the President and Founder of Focus Marketing, a consulting boutique that helps business and brands develop winning shopper marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce marketing, and marketing communications strategies through rigorous information-driven planning, with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small-medium size businesses in the U.S. and Asia.