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The Brief: Road Map to Great Creative (101) (Half Day)

The Critical Role of the Brief in Communications Development
Assessing the Brief Mastery Program 101
(Half Day Workshop)

Workshop Description
The Brief is the Roadmap for the Creative Process. The output may be a commercial, print campaign, convention display, detail aid, digital campaign, or a totally integrated Marketing Campaign. Regardless, a well-crafted, “tight” Brief provides the required clarity and direction to focus efforts, minimize frustration, and accelerate the entire development process. Marketing Communications development is part art, part science. There is no guarantee that the output of our process with be brilliant. However, the presence of a well-crafted Brief at the outset of the process will provide us with the greatest chance for success in this highly competitive marketplace.

This is an “active learning” program. The workshop includes “best practices” examples, concepts, and techniques from a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Each has been vetted in actual workplace experience. This workshop is not about theory, and it is not an academic exercise. This workshop is about learning and doing.

Additionally, the program provides a Tool Kit of easily applied, yet powerful and strategically rele-vant tools that drive results.

This workshop is the first in a series dedicated to assessing your briefs and resulting creative, titled the ANA “Assessing Your Brief Mastery Program”. In subsequent workshops of this series, participants have the opportunity to assess and score their briefs using a proprietary assessment model, and learn the critical elements needed for giving effective feedback on the resulting creative.

Who Is This Workshop For?
Marketers responsible for Agency relationship and those charged with Marketing Communications development, regardless of medium. The term “Agency” refers not merely to traditional Advertising Agencies, but any creative partner, internal or external.

Further, the workshop is appropriate for Marketing Management responsible for the overall communications marketing budget, agency compensation, selection, and assessment. Ideally, the program is presented to Joint Brand Agency teams, as well as those in related areas, eg. Market Research, Public Relations, Sales Management, Marketing Communications, and Strategic Planning.

Workshop Benefits
As a result of this workshop, participants will be better able to:

Increase Marketing Effectiveness by:

  • Understanding the critical components required in a well-crafted Brief

Increase Marketing Efficiency by:

  • Optimizing Brief components to eliminate confusion, rework, unclear direction

Improve Marketing Return On Investment by:

  • Shortening overall Creative Development Cycle Time

Download the full agenda here


  • Mary Czarnecki

    Mary Czarnecki works with brand leaders to apply a customer-centric approach to increase revenue and customer impact. Market-leading brands turn to her to upskill their teams and implement effective marketing strategies. She has worked with clients across numerous industries, including health care, beauty, technology, finance, insurance, and consumer products. She consults with Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs.

  • Roderick M. McNealy

    Roderick M. McNealy is principal of McNealy Advanced Communications (MAC), whose mission is to provide insight-driven, customer-focused marketing solutions. Rod is a member of the ANA Faculty and is an in-demand speaker. He teaches From Insights to Great Messaging, Customer Centricity, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Marketing Innovation.