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The Social Business (Full Day)

Optimizing the customer journey through platforms and strategies that drive business results
(Full Day Workshop)

Workshop Description
Social and digital media strategies and tactics are constantly changing because technological innovation and shifting customer preferences creates a state of near continuous disruption. All companies, no matter their industry or B to C and/or B to B focus, must embrace this environment to ensure that they use current social media best practices (e.g. integration with content marketing) to achieve desired results. Further, these practices must also remain aligned with their overall digital strategy to achieve their business objectives.

This workshop focuses on helping you to optimize your digital marketing plans. You and your team will gain insight and skill on how to use the right platforms, with the right strategies to reach your target audience and maximize the likelihood that they will purchase your products and/or services.

All modules in this workshop are designed to be current with examples of customer-centric and business centric social media best practices. This workshop is fast paced with ample opportunities for participation and interaction.

Who is this Workshop For?

  • Marketing and communication teams who want to optimize their digital marketing strategy
  • Non-marketing professionals who want a better understanding of the ways social media is used to drive business results
  • This workshop can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of beginners to advanced teams. Mixed experience groups can be accommodated but workshop emphasis must be focused on one experience “level”

Although personal, in-depth experience with digital marketing is not required, participants should have a high-level familiarity with the digital channels used by their brand.

Workshop Benefits:
As a result of this workshop, you and/or your team will be better able to:

Increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Learning best practices about how to ensure your digital marketing strategy is integrates with your business objectives
  • Gaining insight on how to create more effective connections with your consumers
  • Knowing how to improve the optimization of your digital efforts.
  • Helping you to make effective use of digital media for more focused and meaningful engagement and measurable results

Increase marketing efficiency by:

  • Understanding how to improve your overall marketing plans by leveraging digital channels
  • Knowing how to optimize content strategy across digital and traditional channels

Improve marketing ROI by:

  • Increasing your digital marketing effectiveness by understanding the right platforms and strategies for your business

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  • Nicole Ames

    Nicole Ames is recognized for her expertise in digital media and helping marketers understand how new and transformative technologies affect business. Since founding Twist IMC, Nicole has worked with several leading corporations to help their teams develop and implement effective digital marketing strategies. She has conducted more than 300 client workshops with industries ranging from technology, health care, media, energy, services and consumer products