Strategic Customer-Centric Marketing (Half Day)

(Half Day Workshop)

Workshop Description

Unfortunately for many companies today, marketing with a customer-centric approach is not the norm. In many instances important marketing decisions are being made without key customer-centric knowledge, and opportunities for customer value creation are being missed.

Conversely, customer-centric companies make business and marketing decisions that support the creation of customer value. These decisions are made possible by knowing the right insights to use, how to source them, and how to activate insights in order to make business and marketing decisions that are focused on customer value creation.

This interactive program focuses on key client responsibilities that ensure their organization becomes and remains “Customer Focused.” Customer Centricity is presented as a strategic imperative, not a “flavor of the month” program. This interactive workshop teaches effective approaches to marketing strategy that enables participating teams to master a best practice strategic marketing framework that supports the delivery of powerful customer-centric marketing.

This engaging workshop uses focused exercises to build skills and provides best in-class marketing examples. Program content has been developed through extensive work with major benchmark organizations across industries. It was developed with the Global Marketing Community in mind. The concepts and tools presented are equally appropriate and applicable regardless of region or industry.

*This workshop can be tailored to any marketing level where the marketers are building campaign communications to B2B or B2C audiences.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for marketers responsible for developing, shaping, and maintaining the organization’s strategic direction. This could also include line and functional leaders with emphasis on Marketing and those directly supporting/interacting with them, such as Market Research, Sales, Public Relations, Communications, Customer Service, and internal/external Agency leadership, including:

  • Mid-level Manager or Director level Marketers
  • Brand Marketers who are looking to become more customer-focused within their role 
  • Researchers or Customer Insight leads looking to understand more effective ways to identify, understand, and analyze target audiences and make strategic choices about them

Workshop Benefits

The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing effectiveness, increasing marketing efficiencies, and maximizing marketing ROI.

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • How to identify true audience insights
  • How to generate powerful insights that drive effective creative
  • How to apply market segmentation and targeting concepts
  • How to develop a “Market Map” for their category
  • How ‘best in class' briefs include customer centric core elements

This workshop helps attendees increase marketing efficiency by teaching them:

  • How to drive messaging communications that is on strategy and aligned with your customer needs
  • How to create a detailed portrait of their target customer, thus focusing Marketing efforts
  • How to focus the entire Organization on the Strategic importance of Customer Centricity

This workshop helps attendees maximize marketing ROI by teaching them:

  • The quantitative importance of both dissatisfied and satisfied customers
  • The “Lifetime Value” for their target customer
  • How to identify and quantify key customer touchpoints and “Moments of Truth”

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Mary Czarnecki

Mary Czarnecki is a co-founder of MAC Marketing Partners, the customer-centric marketing agency for market-leading brands. Mary has 20 years of experience driving revenue and customer impact growth for Fortune 100 companies and is no stranger to the "virtual environment," having delivered consulting and training services "remotely" since 2015. She is a regular advisor to market-leading brand teams and in addition to her work with MAC Marketing Partners, she applies her expertise in brand building and social media strategy to develop personal brand platforms for high-impact female entrepreneurs and executives to accelerate both career and business success.

Mary has been acknowledged as a top instructor for the ANA’s Marketing Training & Development Center and has developed several online courses for business leaders and entrepreneurs. She also leads live virtual group coaching programs for executives and entrepreneurs on topics such as virtual leadership, brand development, and online business growth.

Mary received her M.B.A. and M.E.M. from Yale University and B.A. from Princeton University.


Roderick M. McNealy

Roderick M. McNealy is principal of McNealy Advanced Communications (MAC), whose mission is to provide insight-driven, customer-focused marketing solutions. Rod’s 38-year career has focused on marketing and advertising, and he worked in a variety of marketing leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson for 31 of those years. Rod has conducted management training and formulated implementation strategies for companies located in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has consulted with health care, public and private sector organizations, and the U.S. Navy. 

Rod is a member of the ANA Faculty and is an in-demand speaker. He conducts marketing and advertising courses at Princeton University, the Yale School of Management, and Mount Holyoke College. He is the author of two books: Making Quality Happen and Making Customer Satisfaction Happen. Rod is a Princeton University graduate, with a Bachelor’s degree in American History. He received his M.B.A. from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration.