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Digital Analytics Strategy for Marketers - Virtual

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Seats are limited and confirmation of attendance will be required in advance of the session.

One of the main sticking points in analytics isn't that people are incompetent, but rather that they are solving the wrong things.

By developing an analyst's curiosity and translating that into powerful business objectives, it gives marketers a new lens through which to assess the business, uncover insights (those hidden gems in the non-obvious customer segments), and ultimately drive growth. Simply put, analytics isn’t just about numbers or data; It’s about uncovering the nuances that inspire insights and enable better decision making to ultimately drive growth.

As digital marketers, your task is to uncover trends and tell stories with data that drives business impact. This workshop will show you how to identify core business and marketing objectives, to understand what and where to measure. You will also learn the essentials of using online analytics platforms, so that you can devise informed opinions on the opportunities available along the customer journey to improve business performance.

By the end of this training, you will have tools to unpack digital analytics to improve your business insights!

This workshop is the first in a four-part series on digital analytics for entry-level marketers, where participants learn core characteristics and best practices of effective digital analytics for marketing.

In this workshop, participants dive into the core concepts of digital marketing analytics, learning how to leverage key metrics and insights to measure the performance of various marketing campaigns across diverse online channels. As they progress through the various workshops in the Program, participants engage in creating relevant KPI’s for campaigns, learning effective visual data presentation, and more.

Target Audience
This workshop is useful for intro-to-mid level digital marketers that want to become more effective in data analytics and supporting effective decision-making.

It is particularly useful for those teams that are struggling to effectively communicate value with their data reporting.

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  • Welcome & Opening Remarks (10min)
  • Setting the Stage (10min)
  • Identify Business Objectives (40min)
  • Matching Objectives to Marketing Goals (40min)
  • Break (10min)
  • Establishing Value (40min)
  • Comparisons Benchmarks and Insights (35min)
  • Closing (5min)



Temitayo Osinubi

CEO & Co-Founder, Stem Whisperers

T. Osinubi is the Co-Founder and CEO of STEM Whisperers; a disruptive education consulting company built to replace the school-to-prison pipeline with Marketing Technology (MarTech) careers. A “pain in the teacher’s class” turned successful Young Black Professional, T. transitioned from being a card-carrying member of “The Bad Kids Club” with chronic suspension, truancy and barely graduating High School to graduating Salutatorian from Full Sail University’s Digital Marketing Bachelor of Science degree program. From there, he went on to manage search, social media and email marketing campaigns for national and international conglomerates including Cox Media Group, ACCO Brands and Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Having managed interactive, digital and mobile programs of various complexities, his passion is empowering the next generation of marketing professionals through business storytelling. T. is a consummate professional with a track record of success. A dynamic speaker, his presentation style captivates audiences while delivering actionable insights.