Effectively and Authentically Engaging Generation Z - In Person Only

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How to Effectively and Authentically Engage the Next Most Important Consumer Segment
(Half Day Workshop)

Gen Z is not a generation that wants to be marketed to, and they consume media and content vastly differently from their predecessors. In this workshop, you will immerse yourself into the minds and mannerisms of Gen Z and comprehend how, where, and when to most effectively engage them. Led by a veteran agency marketer who with keen insights into Gen Z, this workshop navigates how Gen Z consumes media and marketing, produces and distributes content, prioritizes certain qualities and features of the brands they most admire.

Using engaging, interactive exercises and case studies from brands like Nike, Wendy’s, Refinery 29, Glade, and more, participants walk away with transformational learnings that will be immediately applicable to your next campaign or initiative. As you discover how to strategically and creatively engage Gen Z, your brand will be primed for success for the next 10-15 years as Gen Z becomes the most important cohort for nearly every corporation, brand, and agency.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is for marketers involved in content-centric marketing, PR, and advertising campaigns intended to engage Gen Z now and in the future.

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  • Setting the Stage (10min) 
  • Who Is Gen Z (45min)
  • Becoming Fluent in The Language of Gen Z Becoming (30min)
  • Break (10min)
  • Understanding How Gen Z Consumes Media and Content (30min)
  • Gen Z Craves Experiences (30min)
  • Break (10min)
  • Gen Z Campaign (60min)
  • Closing (10min) 



Mark Beal

Founder and Principal, Mark Beal Media

Mark Beal is the Founder and Principal of Mark Beal Media, a consultancy he created after more than 25 years in marketing to help corporations, brands, and organizations better understand how to effectively engage the next most important consumer segment, generation Z. Mark was a managing partner for one of the nation’s top-ranked public relations agencies where he collaborated with category-leading companies and brands in developing award-winning public relations and marketing campaigns that delivered measurable business impact. Mark’s experience spans a variety of industries including automotive, banking, credit cards, personal finance, health care, pharmaceutical, food, beverage (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), quick-serve restaurants, sporting goods, power sports, travel, technology, consumer packaged goods, furniture, retail, and others.

Mark leverages his experience by teaching marketing and public relations at the graduate and undergraduate levels at Rutgers University where he was appointed the school’s first-ever full-time Professor of Professional Practice in Public Relations. It was his students who inspired Mark to author three books including his most recent, Decoding Gen Z: 101 Lessons Generation Z Wil Teach Corporate America, Marketing & Media. He earned his master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations from Kent State University. Today, Beal is based in Toms River, New Jersey.