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Start: Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 11:00am

End: Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 1:00pm


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I. Measuring Empathy and Human Emotion: A 2021 Marketing Supertrend (11:10 AM -11:45 AM)

What if you could know how your video ads were going to perform with specific audiences BEFORE distributing them? What if you could know which scenes within your ads were most (or least) effective to ensure that the most effective versions of your ad always went to market? What if you could know the elements within those scenes that were most emotionally effective for your target customer in order to help inform future creative development? What would the financial impact to your business be and what competitive advantage would you hold with this level of information?

Hear these solutions from this emotion analytics company that combines research in human psychology and neuroscience with AI-powered facial coding technology to understand the emotional impact of video ads on consumers. Working with the world's leading brands in almost every major industry category and using proprietary algorithms and the camera on consumer's phones/PC's, moment-by-moment attention and emotion data patterns is measured by observing the facial micro expressions and eye-gaze on panelists as they watch a given video from the comfort and privacy of their own environments.

Jeff Tetrault, CEO, Dumbstruck
Peter Allegretti, Co-Founder & Head of Marketing Sciences. Dumbstruck

II. Innovations in TV/Video Attribution: Opportunities and Challenges (11:45 AM -12:45 PM)


Availability of new TV exposure data sets at the house or individual level with low latency (4-7 days after exposure) allows to test and determine the effectiveness on sales (or other target metric) of a TV campaign while the campaign is still in-flight and optimize accordingly. With the promise of these granular and near-real time data sets come also many analytical and data quality challenges that data scientists and practitioners are resolving with a fast pace. The following panel will address the opportunities and challenges to improve TV execution from the advertiser, publisher, industry, and analyst point of view. Some of the questions that we will endeavor to answer are:
1. What it is possible to measure and optimize with current TV data and attribution ecosystems?
2. What are the key issues to look for when looking for exposure and point of sales data sets?
3. What are the measurable publishing options in Linear TV, Connected TV, OTT (“Over-the-top”)?
4. Use of TVA for tactical and strategic media planning?
5. Are the results for TVA Analysis actionable and scalable?

Alice Sylvester, Partner, Sequent Partners 
Gaurav Shirole, Director, Ad Measurement, Roku 
Juan Solana, Director, Advanced Analytics & Media Measurement, Walmart (facilitator)



This is your time! Engage your fellow committee members in open discussion around evolving issues and current challenges in marketing analytics. Get guidance for your pain points. Share your thoughts on trends and hot topics in ML, AI, and more! This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers.

Devyani Sadh, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Data Officer, Data Square

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