Analytics & Data Science

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I. Leveraging the Power of AI and ML to Intelligently Guide Your Enterprise (11:10 AM -11:50AM)

As the amount of data continues to increase, so does the expectation of personalization across the customer journey. Yet without a single view of the customer, it is impossible to gather insights and make meaningful connections in the moments that truly matter, not to mention obtaining and organizing the data to make this achievable. Learn how CDPs are enabling enterprises like AON, Panasonic Business and Mazda to better adapt to changing business conditions and support the customer journey along with corresponding best practices that have delivered proven results.

You will learn:

• How CDPs are enabling enterprises to better adapt to changing business conditions to support CX
• Why they choose a CDP to create personalized digital buying experiences and the benefits from using it
• Best practices in using a CDP to improve the customer journey.

Abbas MakhdumProduct Marketing DirectorOracle

II. How Condé Nast Became a Leading Player in Performance Marketing (11:50 AM -12:30 PM)

In this session, hear how Condé Nast set out to build its targeting, measurement, and insights platform, Spire – what it is and how it works. Michael Stuart, VP of Marketing Science, will share 4-5 case study examples that illustrate how they're using first-party data and machine learning to gather insights and create models that inform intent and deliver ROI across client campaigns.

Michael Stuart, VP of Marketing Science, Condé Nast 

III. Member “Jeopardy” Roundtable: What Is the Answer to YOUR Data & Analytics Challenge? (12:30 PM -1:00 PM)

What is the solution to your data and analytics challenge? The answer, like a game of jeopardy, lies in the question. Leverage the power of the community to define and prioritize topics and align on best practice solutions. Identify the most current and impactful challenges facing the analytics industry today AND share best practices for solutioning.

With topics ranging from organizational management, customer and audience segmentation, media and ad/spend, lead/customer scoring, personalizing customer experience, and the range of challenges surrounding them -- first and third-party data, test and learn, attribution enterprise adoption, walled gardens, etc. – the questions to the challenges posed (and potential solutions) are endless.

This is your time to engage with your fellow committee members in open discussion around evolving issues and current challenges in data analytics. Challenges will be sent to all registrants two days in advance!
We look forward to a very engaging discussion of pain points among colleagues, with a group poll to follow. This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers.

Moderator (and Analytics Jeopardy Host):
Devyani Sadh, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Data Officer, Data Square