Content Marketing

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Paul P. Robinson, Director of the Content Marketing Committee, ANA


I. NFTs 2.0: What's Next? (11:35AM – 12:15PM)
Once a niche crypto trend, NFTs have become a viable buzz-worthy marketing strategy. Companies from Campbell's Soup to Gucci have experimented with these digital tokens, turning commodities into collectibles and bringing art and creativity to the forefront. In this session, R3 Co-founder & Principal, Greg Paull, and EVP of Digital, Jason Velliquette, will review best practices when working with NFTs as part of a larger content strategy, and how the nature of these products is set to transform the relationship between brands and consumers.

Greg Paull,
Principal & Co-Founder  R3
Jason Velliquette, EVP Digital  R3

II.Conveying your Brand Values using Storytelling (12:15PM – 12:55PM)
What does it take for a brand to form strong connections with an audience?  Adam Palmer from GoDaddy's Brand team discusses one high-value way to build ownable messaging that translates into brand love and affinity, as well as some of the challenges B2B and B2C businesses have in developing content. Learn how brands like GoDaddy are using storytelling as a medium to inspire and engage with audiences through entertainment.

Speaker: Adam Palmer, Director, Creative Production Ops – GoDaddy