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Data & Direct Marketing

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Lisa Merizio Smith, Director, ANA

How Telus and Vera Bradley Used Data to Accelerate Outcomes (11:30am - 12:15pm ET)

Two different applications but similarities in fundamental skills to "making it happen." By successfully deploying standard data & analytics methods and communication across their diverse businesses, hear how these brands, Telus & Vera Bradley, were able to optimize resources and time for a robust data activation framework. 

  • Learn how to implement successful general framework for data activation
  • How to optimize budget & time for project success
  • How to ensure a deep understanding by the analysts of the project and business objectives

Kuhan Puvanesasingham, Business Intelligence Director, Proove Intelligence a DAC Company

II. Driving Customer Loyalty - Your Most Valuable Asset  (12:15pm - 1:00pm ET) 

Customer loyalty is much more nuanced than points-based rewards programs! Explore five research-backed strategies with real-world examples from brands like Patagonia, Mac Wheldon, Lego, Native and more. Lauren Ackerman, VP Client Strategy at J.Schmid will share data insights related to customer loyalty and translate them to marketing tactics that will:

  • Use emotion to move your audience
  • Build a strong community with social media and in-person events
  • Refine the customer journey around the points of the purchase – online and offline, from triggered emails to the box experience
  • Turn error into opportunity by above-and-beyond handling of returns and mistakes
  • Prove you “know” them with customer journey messaging, personalization, versioning in direct mail and beyond

You'll walk away with a score of new ideas that you should embrace to drive true loyalty and connection.

Lauren Ackerman, VP Client Strategy, J.Schmid

III.  Member Roundtable - TOWN HALL (1:00pm - 2:00pm ET)

Through the surveys, you've told us what issues are keeping you up at night and what topics on which your boss wants you to be smarter. So, gather your team, listen and participate in this TOWN HALL format where these topics and more will be addressed by our panelists and YOU as time allows:

What is the most effective way to use direct mail?
Clarify how success is measured – most effective or most efficient – LTV OR ATV?
Catalogs vs #10 vs postcards?

How well do you know your customers – personas, personalization?
What’s been learned so far about using AI modeling?

How are you testing? What are adequate sample sizes for testing?
Who is the target – customers or prospects?

Email and Mail – the new dynamic duo – Examples: retargeting tool, omnichannel measurement / attribution?


Hayley Daniel, Sr. Director, DM & Mass Marketing, ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Kim Reedy, CRM Marketing Manager, Strategy, Ford
Charles RodgersSenior Manager, Customer DM Execution, UMECS, American Express
Josh Blair,
Vice President, Quad
Lois Brayfield, CEO, J.Schmid

2:00pm Adjourn