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Data & Direct Marketing

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Data & Direct Marketing Committee Meeting

Welcome & Introductions (11:00 AM ET)
Lisa Merizio Smith, Director, ANA


Once again, the ANA has partnered with Demand Metric to survey members and the marketing community at large. With COVID far in the rear view window, what critical benchmarking data has been discovered? Learn about the impact of direct media channels and what’s changed since last year. PLUS learn what impact Generative AI and ChatGPT has already had on this industry.

Just in time to finalize your 2024 marketing plan, don't miss this session if you are considering direct mail or need to optimize your channel mix.

John Follett
Co-Founder, CXO & Head of Research, Demand Metric

II. Innovations in How Target Audiences Are Approached (12:10pm - 12:50pm)

Hear how innovative uses of 1st party data to personalize ad delivery is fueling a revolution in a direct response channel. For brands, franchises, and retailers, see how this patented ad platform is driving lead acquisition, an invaluable method for transforming intrusive ads into an engaging model for customers. Discover these performance marketing tools to craft direct response programs that are more relevant, personalized, engaging, and cost-effective.

Bill Testa, Founder & CEO, Frintz
Mike Hutzel,
Co-Founder, CEO, Eagle One

III. ANA Center for Ethical Marketing Update (12:50pm - 1:05pm)

  • Ethics Code, ANA will be releasing in Q1, guidance on how to ethically market in 2024
  • ANA’s data hygiene tool, DMAchoice: Subscribe to this prospect mail suppression service to help us self-regulate in the eyes of legislators while building trust with consumers by honoring their marketing preferences while reducing waste and your costs.
  • ANA’s cross-border compliance mediation service, ANA DPF Dispute Resolution: Global marketing companies and data providers can join the Data Privacy Framework (DPF – formerly Privacy Shield) to legally transfer data from the EU, UK, or Switzerland to the United States. Learn about how the ANA as an approved mediator under this program can assist you.

Xenia "Senny" Boone, Esq., SVP, ANA Center for Ethical Marketing
Lisa Brown Shosteck, Consulting Director, ANA Center for Ethical Marketing | ANA DPF Dispute Resolution

IV. Tips for Optimizing Your Direct Marketing Budget In 2024 (1:05pm - 1:35pm)

Listen to a 10-Part Checklist to assist and finalize your 2024 marketing budget in a continuing uncertain economic climate.

Scott Marden, Executive Director of Product Marketing, Quad

V. Member Roundtable - TOWN HALL (1:35pm - 2:00pm)  

2024 Planning: What's going to be different this year? What will be your speed bumps during the year to make you change course? What are your near-term enhancements?