Sustainability Committee Meeting

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I. Roadmap to Becoming a Sustainable Brand (25 minutes)

We are living through extraordinary times with issues swirling like turbulent currents across the globe. Life as we’ve known it is changing rapidly, and there is no longer time to wing it. Not for the world, and not for your brand. The market is shifting to reward purpose-driven businesses — sustainable brands — that are responding to these challenges. The future belongs brands that successfully shift, embedding social and environmental purpose and innovation into the core of their DNA. This session introduces a roadmap that can help you make this transition with clarity and speed to stay relevant and competitive.


  • Discover what a sustainable brand is
  • See how this transformation gives you a competitive edge
  • Learn how you can lead the change and elevate your brand


Darren Beck, VP, Membership & International, Sustainable Brands

 Dialogue and Q&A (20 minutes)

 II. Nine Sustainable Behaviors that Can Unlock Good Growth for Your Brand (25 minutes)

Based on our research, 96 percent of U.S. consumers surveyed say they are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, at least some of time. All else equal, four out of five also say they are ready to switch to a more sustainable brand. However, here’s the challenge. Most cannot name a brand or company that is going above and beyond to help consumers make better choices on how to address environment and social challenges. This is a greenfield opportunity for your brand. This session will cover the nine sustainable behaviors that consumers can take to make the greatest impact and explore how you can embrace the ones that are authentic extensions of your brand to drive good growth.


  • Discover which nine sustainable behaviors are the most impactful consumers can take
  • See where consumers say they are taking action and what prevents them from doing more
  • Learn how supporting relevant behaviors can drive innovation, increase affinity and fuel growth for your brand


Rachel Whitacre, Sr. Program Manager, Brand-led Culture Change, Sustainable Brands