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I. Breakfast & Registration (9:30-10am) | IN-PERSON ONLY

II. Announcements & Introductions (10-10:15am) | IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL

III. The Rise of Principal Media Buying & Other Non-Transparent Services (10:15-11am) | IN-PERSON
Agency principal buying of media is on the rise. It goes by names including proprietary media, value-based solutions, inventory media, and opt-in services. These are almost always positioned as cost saving opportunities. While there can be benefits, there are also significant watchouts. Audit rights are limited. And since the agency is not working as an agent, they are no longer putting the best interests of the marketer first. This session from ANA’s outside legal counsel will provide an overview of agency principal media buying and other non-transparent services as well as best practices for governance to help clients manage them.

Keri Bruce, Partner, Reed Smith

IV. Retail Media Networks: Forced Marriage or Perfect Partnership? (11-11:45pm) | IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL
What’s all the fuss about Retail Media Networks? The ANA set out to find out, fielding a landmark survey of our members’ usage, attitudes toward, and future intentions regarding RMNs, followed up by qualitative interviews with senior marketer members to gain additional learning, insights and context. This session will share the results of the report, including that brands have mixed feelings about RMNs — crediting them with driving sales but not yet convinced that they can drive brand growth. You’ll also learn specific recommendations brands to get the most out of their RMN investment.

John Paquin, Senior Director, Brand Activation, ANA

V. Break (11:45-11:55am) | IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL

VI. Roundtable Discussion: Retail Media Networks (11:55-12:30pm) | IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL
An estimated $52 billion will be spent on Retail Media Networks in 2023 according to Statista. McKinsey predicts that spend will grow to $100B by 2026. Unlike media properties, retailers have access to consumers’ purchase data, which in a cookieless world is a gold mine of insights that is increasingly difficult and expensive to access. Retailers can use that data to help guide their advertisers to much more effective spend. And unlike with media properties, consumers on retailer sites are generally ready to buy so retail media networks can target consumers with much greater accuracy.

In this Roundtable Discussion, bring your questions around navigating retail media networks selection, avoiding redundancy with spend, evaluating agency partners to handle RMN advertising, and measuring ROI.

Ron Pinelli, Senior Vice President Digital Research and Standards & Associate Director, Media Rating Council

VII. Lunch (12:30pm-1:30pm) | IN-PERSON ONLY