Enterprise Curricula

Introducing an in-depth series of enterprise-level curricula addressing our industry's most pressing issues.

Curriculum 1: Client-Agency Optimization

Client-Agency Optimization is a comprehensive program designed to better align clients with their agencies to drive the client's business.

For many clients, agency management processes have not been clearly outlined, are outdated, or are nonexistent. And they often have not been fully standardized and socialized across the client organization — causing stress, burnout, and financial impacts across the org.

In fact, nearly 60 percent of ANA marketing executives say up to 30 percent of their total budget is lost to these inefficiencies.

That is why we developed the Client-Agency Optimization program. The curriculum involves three pillars — Core, Alignment, and Relationship — that, when enacted, allow the client to provide their agencies with the best possible guidance that drives winning results.

Equip your organization and creative partners with a comprehensive toolkit to address even the toughest client-agency challenges, enabling you to avoid costly reviews and employee burnout.

Who Is This Curriculum For?

  • Brands that feel that they are not realizing the full value from their agency roster
  • Marketers who recognize that they need to improve the processes they deploy to lead and inspire their agencies
  • All levels of marketing and procurement staff involved in agency management, directly or in supportive roles, should participate

Curriculum Benefits

  • Increase the value from agency expenditures via improved planning and processes that lead to better strategy, creative, and implementation
  • Reduce stressors and disruptions, increase efficiencies, and get better creative through improved agency relationships
  • Eliminate costly inconsistencies across the marketing organization regarding agency management documentation and processes
  • Create a more seamless experience for your target audience across all relevant channels via streamlined and improved inter-agency relationships and roles
  • Faster resolution of client-agency or interagency issues

Meet Your Facilitators

Anne Murray

  • 30 years progressive marketing experience at Southwest Airlines directing the voice and personality of one of the most respected and loved brands in the highly competitive airline industry
  • Champion of aligning the client and partner experience as a key driver to team performance and success
  • Developed and implemented optimized approval and workflows
  • Aligned In-house and external agency roles and responsibilities
  • Led ongoing agency evaluations
  • Formalized trainings for marketing teams and agency partners

Dan Wald

  • More than 35 years of experience at agencies, independent and within WPP, IPG, Publicis
  • Review Consultant and Training Specialist with Joanne Davis Consulting
  • Worked with clients in major categories including Retail, CPG, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Technology, QSR, Media and Entertainment, Pharma, Hospitality, Travel, Spirits, Utilities
  • Facilitator for the ANA. Has conducted live and virtual workshops for over 50 large marketers.
  • Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Katz School of Business, University of Pittsburgh