The ANA, through the Global CMO Growth Council, is calling for an industry-wide collective knowledge exchange on Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

We're asking marketers to take the time to reset, reboot, and recharge our industry with an infusion of the how the world's best marketers leverage diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to drive growth in 2023.

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Conference Agenda

Wednesday, February 22, 2023
- 10:05am

Welcome Remarks

Christine Manna
President, COO ANA
- 10:10am


Nick Primola
Group Executive Vice President ANA
- 10:20am

CMO Keynote

- 10:30am

Opening Remarks

Elliot Lum
- 11:00am
Morning Track #1: CMO Inspiration and Action

SeeHer, BeHer: Power of Representation

If you can SeeHer, you can Be Her. Hear how these Chief Marketing Officers rose to the top of the marketing profession and obstacles they needed to overcome to achieve their success. Learn how they are leveraging their platform, in collaboration with #SeeHer, to accurately portray girls and women in all types of verticals from sports to film to music.

Christine Guilfoyle
President SeeHer
Morning Track #2: DEIB Talent Programs and Practices

Democratizing Access to Job Opportunity: Minting Future Leaders through MADE

The ANA Educational Foundation launched the Marketing and Advertising Education (MADE) program in 2017 as a way to democratize access to opportunity to summer internships. Since its launch, the program has generated close to 3,000 applicants per year with gender diversity hovering at 80% and racial diversity hovering at 60%. Hear how these companies have leveraged this program to find incredible entry-level talent for their organizations.

Amy Spelman
Program Lead, Talent Development ANA Educational Foundation
Chelsey Kupferman
Manager, Campus & Early Career Recruiting Paramount
Omo Ogbomo-Williams
Senior HR Manager VMLY&R
- 11:30am
Morning Track #1: CMO Inspiration and Action

AIMM Session

Lisette Arsuaga
CEO and co-founder of DMI Consulting Co-Founder, AIMM
Morning Track #2: DEIB Talent Programs and Practices

SeeHer Education: Addressing Gender Bias from the Outset through an Open-Access Certificate Blending Gender and Marketing Studies

Under an initiative called SeeHer Education, distinguished professors from a dozen disciplines and institutions across the country are collaborating with the ANA Educational Foundation and SeeHer to develop a curriculum that brings the principles of gender studies to marketing and advertising. The result is an open-source online certificate that will be available in 2023 to university students and professors to address gender bias in advertising and marketing from the outset. Learn how this initiative came about and what tools will be available to help fight gender bias and bring about more gender equality through marketing and advertising.

Ed Timke
PhD Assistant Professor, Michigan State University Associate Editor, Advertising & Society Quarterly
Christine Guilfoyle
President SeeHer
SeeHer Catherine Coleman
PhD, Professor Texas Christian University
Jean Grow
PhD, Professor Emeritus, Marquette University Founder and Chief Truths Teller, GROW DEI Consultancy
Joanna Jenkins
Joanna Jenkins, PhD, DEI Consultant, Affiliate Professor, Saint Joseph’s Un Visiting Scholar, Rutgers University
Laurel Steinfield
DPhil, Associate Professor Bentley University
Linda Tuncay Zayer
PhD, Professor Loyola University Chicago
- 12:00pm
Morning Track #1: CMO Inspiration and Action

Diversity and Inclusion Agility: The Rise of the Global Chief Marketing Officer

The global chief marketing officer is a complex job with a need to be part diplomat, part evangenlist, part strategist, and part tactician. There is a need to be sensitive and adapt to all cultures, including headquarters and each of the regions, while also keeping in mind that changing landscape of consumers in each market. Learn how these CMOs have thrived in this role having to be agile to all diversity and inclusion needs.

Liz Kneebone
Senior Director, Sustainability Collective ANA
Alicia Enciso
Chief Marketing Officer Nestlé USA
Morning Track #2: DEIB Talent Programs and Practices

Accelerating Diverse Talent into Our Industry: Growing our Next Generation Pipeline

According to an annual ANA diversity benchmarking study representing 81 companies and close to 20,000 marketers in the United States, entry-level gender representation is at 67.8% and racial diversity reprssentation is at 34.2%. These numbers reflect the effortst that both long-standing and newer programs are making to welcome more diverse talent into the industry such as the 4A's Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP), the non-profit BIPOC talent accelerator Hue, and Verizon's Ad Fellows program. This panel will shine a light on each program and what they are doing individually and collectively to drive talent change in the industry.

Elliot Lum
EVP, Community and Growth ANA
Fahad Khawaja
Founder and CEO Hue
Hue Lily Vega
Vega, Program Director, Adfellows Verizon
Tangie Murray
SVP 4A's Foundation
- 12:30pm
Morning Track #1: CMO Inspiration and Action

How B2B Marketers Can Lead the DEIB Transformation Journey

B2B marketers led digital transformation in their organizations during the pandemic by placing more focus on agility, reorganization, and challenging the status quo. Now with the recession and time of uncertainty both socially and economically, is this the moment for B2B marketers to get more fully immersed in DEIB to transform how their organizations work again, in order to make the world a better place? In this session, we talk to women who lead marketing at their B2B organizations on their approach to DEIB and what they’ve learned along the way.

Sonia David
Vice President, Business Marketing ANA
Linda Brunner
Senior Vice President, Head of IT Digital Customer Experience Chair of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council USA, Siemens Healthineers
Toni Clayton-Hine
Chief Marketing Officer EY
April Crichlow
Chief Marketing Officer Centrical
Morning Track #2: DEIB Talent Programs and Practices

Modeling Inclusion Behavior: How the Research Marries Up to the Practice

While recruiting diverse talent into the industry is crucial, companies must also create a culture of inclusion to ensure that diverse talent feels that strong sense of belonging to want to stay. Hear what the reserach says and how the lines up wtih the practice of how companies are driving more inclusive behavior in their organizations and what data sources they are using to support creating that culture of belonging to position their talent for optimal success.

Elliot Lum
EVP, Community and Growth ANA
Latha Sarathy
Chief Research Officer ANA
Carlos Zepeda
SVP Strategic Enterprise Capabilities Moët Hennessy USA
Tarnesha Armstrong
Director, Diversity Marketing and Development GM
- 1:00pm
Morning Track #1: CMO Inspiration and Action

Industry Change-Agents Lead the Way in Bold, Inclusive Marketing

One of the key tenets of profound learning is best captured by Albert Einstein who once shared “education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. Join us as we hear from industry change agents from brand, media & entertainment, tech and the agency world on where we are in delivering bold and truly inclusive marketing that delivers on both Growth + Good!

Raquelle Zuzarte
Founder and CMO Equity for All
Michelle St. Jacques
CMO Molson Coors
Tariq Hassan
Chief Marketing & CX Officer McDonald’s
Debbie King
SVP, Sales Strategy, Content for Change Paramount
Tomas Gonsorcik
Chief Strategy Officer DDB North America
Sadie Thoma
Director, Americas Ads Marketing Google
Morning Track #2: DEIB Talent Programs and Practices

ROAR: into the Second Half of Your Life... Before It's Too Late

Many diversity and inclusion efforts focus heavily on entry level talent. However, this hyper focus often creates a sense of exclusion in our marketing and advertising industry for those who are more experienced. Hear how Michael Clinton, a Hearst executive and author of the book Roar, is looking to change that narrative and engage this experienced workfforce to continue to drive professional growth for their companies and personal growth for themselves.

Michael Clinton
Senior Media Advisor to Hearst CEO Author, ROAR into the Second Half of Your Life - Before It’s Too Late
- 1:30pm
Morning Track #1: CMO Inspiration and Action

Best Practices in LGBTQ+ Marketing Inclusion

Our panel of experts will share their insights on creating inclusive and effective campaigns that resonate with the LGBTQ+ community. Topics will include understanding LGBTQ+ demographics, avoiding stereotypes and offensive language, and incorporating proper representation in advertising. The panel will also address how to make a genuine commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and causes and provide actionable strategies for creating inclusive advertising.

Greg Wright (he/him)
Vice President ANA
Ann Marie Gothard (she/her)
Vice President Global Corporate Media Relations Henry Schein
Ali Valin (they/them)
Global Editorial Strategy Lead Accenture
Morning Track #2: DEIB Talent Programs and Practices

ANA Session

Denise McDevitt
Vice President, Awards ANA
- 2:00pm
Afternoon Keynote

Why DEIB Matters - The C Suite Perspective

Nick Primola
Group Exective Vice President, CMO Practice ANA
Manoj Raghunandanan
President, Global Self Care and Consumer Experience Organization Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health
Soyoung Kang
Chief Marketing Officer eos
Paul Alexander
Chief Marketing Officer Boston University Questrom School of Business
Dean Aragon
CEO and Vice-Chairman Shell Brands International AG
David Rubin
Chief Marketing Officer The New York Times Company
- 2:30pm
Afternoon Track #1: The Functional Perspectives of Supplier Diversity


Lisette Arsuaga
CEO and Co-Founder of DMI Consulting Co-Founder, AIMM
Carlos Santiago
CEO of Santiago Solutions Group (SSG) Co-Founder, AIMM
Afternoon Track #2: DEIB Research, Tools, and Insights

Best Practices of Leveraging the Gender Equity Measure (GEM)

GEM is a data-driven methodology that identifies unconscious bias in advertising and programming. It measures perceptions of how female actors are portrayed in the media by asking consumers how much they agree or disagree with four statements, which are then used to compile a GEM score. Hear more about this methodology and how several companies are using this to enhance their creative decision making power when crafting their ads and placing them in the right media relevant environment.

Latha Sarathy
Chief Research Officer ANA
- 3:00pm
Afternoon Track #1: The Functional Perspectives of Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity in Advertising and Marketing

A supplier diversity program is a proactive business program which encourages the use of women-owned, ethnic/minority-owned, veteran-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, disability-owned, and small businesses as suppliers. According to new ANA research, there has been a notable uptick in investment from the ad/marketing industry toward diverse suppliers in 2022 and that investment is expected to increase again in 2023. Benefits of investing with diverse suppliers include access to new/diverse thinking, having a supplier base that mirrors customers, and addressing systemic investment inequalities in the media and creative supply chain. This session will discuss challenges and opportunities for the ad/marketing industry investing with diverse suppliers.

Bill Duggan
Group Executive Vice President ANA
Simona Rabsatt Butler
Senior Director Global Sourcing – Media, Events Sponsorship Visa
Afternoon Track #2: DEIB Research, Tools, and Insights

Cultural Insights Impact Measure (CIIM)

Carlos Santiago
- 3:30pm
Afternoon Track #1: The Functional Perspectives of Supplier Diversity

The Agency Perspective on Supplier Diversity

On behalf of their marketing clients, media agencies will make spend recommendations to achieve the brand's campaign objectives. That media agency will often be working with both owned and operated media suppliers who sometimes may not have sufficient inventory to work with to fulfill that brand's needs. Learn what agencies are doing to expand that inventory and cultviate this diverse supplier ecosystem with their clients.

Kevin Freemore
SVP Media,Technology, and Data 4A's
Dawn Mitchell
Director, Business Diversity and Sustainability DDB
Michael Roca
Managing Director, DE&I Investment Omnicom Media Group
Gonzalo del Fa
President GroupM Multicultural
Afternoon Track #2: DEIB Research, Tools, and Insights

Engage Responsibly: Learn How You Can Help Stop Online Hate

ANA’s Engage Responsibly is a movement to drive understanding and action that drastically reduces online hate speech. With Anti-Defamation League (ADL) research identifying that forty percent of Americans have personally experienced online hate, it is a significant problem that we all have a role to play in solving. Engage Responsibly takes an all-in approach, harnessing the collective power of businesses, social media platforms, individuals, and NGOs, empowering everyone to do their part combating online hate. To accomplish its mission, Engage Responsibly provides education and tools for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and individuals. Importantly, this session will cover four simple, but impactful actions you and/or your business can take to contribute to stopping online hate.

Neal Thurman, Co-founder, Brand Safety Institute

Anita McGorty
Executive Vice President ANA
Neal Thurman
Co-founder Brand Safety Institute
- 4:00pm
Afternoon Track #1: The Functional Perspectives of Supplier Diversity


Gena Casciano
Senior Director, Brand & Media ANA
Afternoon Track #2: DEIB Research, Tools, and Insights


Raquelle Zuzarte
Founder & CMO Equity for All
Debbie King
Senior Vice President, Sales Strategy ANA
- 4:30pm
Afternoon Track #1: The Functional Perspectives of Supplier Diversity

Rewiring Programmatic Media for Inclusivity

P&G is committed to forge a path forward toward inclusivity, especially in programmatic. By empowering Black creators, P&G creates new opportunities for incredible careers. By sharing the authentic stories they tell, P&G creates content that not only resonates with multicultural audiences, but that widens the view for all people. By investing in Black-owned and -operated media, P&G helps all advertisers reach a more diverse audience, and we contribute to economic inclusion, which means more purchasing power, and that leads to market growth. Hear what steps P&G is taking to driving these actions and results toward creating a more equitable future as a force for growth and a force for good.

Eric Austin
Senior Director, Global Brand Building and Media Innovation P&G
Afternoon Track #2: DEIB Research, Tools, and Insights


Band of Sisters
- 4:40pm
Closing Keynote

- 4:50pm
Closing Remarks

Elliot Lum