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FREE: Global Brand Experience and Media Innovation Day - An ANA Global Day of Learning Event

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The ANA, through the Global CMO Growth Council, is calling for an industry-wide collective knowledge exchange on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. We're asking marketers to take the time to refresh their skill sets around one the most significant marketing investments that we make: media.



ANA's Global Day of Learning is the cornerstone of our strategy to invest in the future of our industry. Over the past year nearly 20,000 marketing professionals and students from 90 countries have benefited from four full days of learning — from the best and brightest in our industry — for FREE.

“This open-access learning experience will reward registered participants up to six continuing education units or CEUs (in the ANA Conferences category) for completing one Global Day of Learning when scheduled within their Certified ANA Marketing Professional (CAMP) recertification time period. If CAMP-certified participants have already earned CEUs in the ANA Conferences category, only a maximum of six CEUs may be earned in this category. Go here for more information on the ANA CAMP Certification Program or ANA CAMP Certification Renewal.



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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
- 9:02am

Opening Remarks

Nick Primola
Group Executive Vice President ANA Global CMO Growth Council
- 9:30am

Opening Keynote

In this opening keynote, Marc will share the importance of making brand and media experiences truly superior for consumers in ways to create growth and value for companies and the industry overall.

Marc Pritchard
Chief Brand Officer P&G
- 11:30am

Empowering Marketers with Conversational AI and ChatGPT

The recent introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) applications like ChatGPT seems to have changed the world overnight. Marketers of every stripe have been challenged to understand how to use these new tools effectively for their marketing campaigns. Many are overwhelmed, and possibly even a little nervous about implications for job security.

This live workshop will cover aspects of AI, including applications in marketing and the basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Participants will also have the opportunity to experiment using ChatGPT. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a solid understanding of AI and ChatGPT, and the skills required to use AI successfully in many of your marketing efforts.

Cord Silverstein
Founder and President Advocacy Social
- 10:00am

Molson Coors on Penetrating Culture

This session will feature Erin Vitellaro, Molson Coors North America Senior Director of Media, on how Molson Coors delivers on a key pillar of its Marketing Vision by moving at the speed of culture through exclusive partnerships and brand integrations in and around high-profile buzzworthy content from Ozark and Cobra Kai to Yellowstone and College GameDay and more. Erin will touch on the Molson Coors partnership strategy, how identifies the right spaces connect with consumers, and how to measure success. She’ll also speak to how Molson Coors sees culture strategies as highly complementary to performance-based marketing.

Erin Vitellaro
Senior Director, North America Media Molson Coors Beverage Company
- 10:30am

Creativity at the Intersection of Technology & Storytelling

Good companies make better connections and experiences when brand storytelling, product design, customer experience, and innovative technology come together.  In this session, learn the trends in content acceleration capabilities of generative AI like ChatGPT AIMidjourneyAdobe Firefly, that significantly reduce business marketing expense while preserving essential creative craft skills. 

Alan Schulman
Co-Founder / Managing Partner / Chief Experience Officer UpperRight
- 11:00am

How Kimberly-Clark's Digital Transformation is enabling Consumer-Centricity

Four years ago, Kimberly-Clark – the company behind iconic brands like Huggies®, Kleenex®, Kotex® and Cottonelle® – embarked on a digital transformation journey to enable greater ownership of its consumer relationships while creating increased mutual value during key moments of care. Josh Blacksmith, the senior director for global consumer relationships and engagement, will share the company’s vision and purpose-driven process through the interconnection of data, technology, creativity and innovative ways of working. He’ll also discuss some of the key lessons learned and best practices that have enabled Kimberly-Clark’s game-changing transformation.

Josh Blacksmith
Senior Director, Global Consumer Engagement Kimberly-Clark
- 11:30am

Socially Conscious Media

Where we spend our media dollars matters, and a socially conscious media approach can both shape the media landscape around us and unlock new growth for our brands – but what does it look like to build a new global media function with conscious thinking as its foundation? Beam Suntory is reinventing its market-centric business model to one that is both global and personal by putting its iconic brands at the heart of the business. Driven by a passion for addressing diversity & inclusion, consciousness, and integrity within media, Jerry Daykin believes that the quality of Beam Suntory’s media is as important as the quality of its products. In this session, Jerry will share how Beam Suntory is connecting with consumers through insights-driven media, acknowledging the impact that media and marketing can have on society, including diverse and empathetic voices in its storytelling and ensuring the media that it funds does the same and is honest, decent, and transparent.

Jerry Daykin
Head of Global Media Beam Suntory
- 1:30am

Brand Storytelling and Effective Digital Consumer Connection

Story has the power to inspire people to take action. In an age filled with an overload of sound bites and cynicism, a compelling brand story has the influence to move consumers to embrace your brand with loyalty and advocacy. Effective and differentiating storytelling is a critical element in your digital marketing strategy.

Effective storytelling is all about knowing your audience - what they seek and what they respond to. This workshop focuses on providing the frameworks, insights, and best practices that will help you to optimize your brand storytelling. You will learn the key elements of storytelling and how digital technologies have influenced the manner in which a story needs to be told today.

Nicole Ames
Founder and Principle Twist IMC
- 12:00pm

SheFront Recap, Trends, and Progress

Hear from SeeHer members about their commitment, in front of and behind the camera, to increase the representation and accurate portrayal of women and girls across the media landscape to reflect culture and transform society.

Christine Guilfoyle
President SeeHer
- 12:30pm

What All Marketers can Learn from Highly Regulated Industries

With the demise of third-party cookies, and continued rise of consumer privacy and protection regulations, the marketing practices of highly regulated industries, like banking and finance, will become more relevant and potentially applicable to every advertiser. In this session Tracy-Ann Lim will share learnings and best-practices of how the largest bank by asset size in the U.S. goes to market and brings compelling and compliant messaging to audiences and customers in socially, fiscally, and fiduciary responsible ways.

Tracy-Ann Lim
Chief Media Officer JPMorgan Chase
- 1:00pm

Media is the Flywheel of Marketing Integration

CMOs are changing the nature of their agency relationships to be more connected and to improve marketing impact. This leap toward greater integration alters the role of media as a capability. A marketing capability that used to be just planning and buying paid advertising now also comprises technology partnerships, content development, data enrichment, identity, customer privacy, innovation, company reputation, sales, and commerce. Media has become the flywheel for marketing regarding audiences, data, activation, message, and attribution: Data is the oil, content is the vessel, and media is the engine that propels them all. In this session Jay will share how dramatic shifts in consumer behavior over the past two years, and the collision of media and commerce in nearly every industry, requires a media-first reset for brands and agencies to optimize holistic marketing management.

Jay Pattisall
Senior Analyst Forrester
- 1:30pm

Highlights: ANA 2023 Media and Brand Masters Conferences

This session will feature key takeaways from the Association of National Advertisers Media and Brand Masters Conferences held earlier this year.  Additionally, the technologies and platforms that underpin the new ecosystem however are outpacing advertisers’ ability to adequately measure and monitor where brands show up.   The Media Conference highlights offers insights on the continued confluence of content, culture, commerce, and corporate responsibility and what the industry is doing to create greater measurability, transparency, accountability, and safety for marketers in this evolving media landscape. The 2023 ANA Brand Masters Conference, presented by Walmart Connect, celebrated the ANA Growth Agenda's focus on Brand, Creativity, and Media, including the key areas of Brand Management, Brand Purpose, Brands for Humans, and Brand Activation, which focus on building brands, driving innovative experiences, and leveraging media as the brand's centerpiece for growth.

- 3:30pm

Advertising Production: What Marketers Need to Know

Both video and photography production are on the rise, and so is the need to evolve the way we work to produce great content.  Now more than ever, it is vital to create a flexible framework to support your marketing ecosystem of agencies and production companies. In this workshop, we will help you navigate the current landscape, including:

  • Utilizing your agencies and production partners effectively
  • Embracing content creation game changers in 2023
  • Understanding your influence: what Marketers can do to effect positive change

Jillian Gibbs
Founder APR Consulting
- 2:30pm

B2B Master Class: How 2 Large B2B Brands are Innovating in Brand Experience

Opening Remarks:  Sonia David, Vice President, Business Marketing Practice at ANA


  • Sherwin-Williams Inspires Architects’ Appetites for Colors with Groundbreaking Experiential Marketing - In a world where B2B marketing is undergoing a transformative shift, Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings stands out as a shining example of creative bravery. By recognizing the power of emotional connections over rational benefits, Sherwin-Williams and Wunderman Thompson have tapped into the thoughts and feelings of business professionals, treating them as individuals rather than mere job titles. Mike Bourdeau, former president and GM, global general industrial coatings at Sherwin-Williams; Kristine Baumgardner, creative director at Wunderman Thompson share their groundbreaking Sherwin-Williams Color Obsession Series, which has garnered prestigious accolades, including a Silver Lion at the Cannes Festival of Creativity and the first-ever Grand Prix for B2B Creativity. Join this session to witness how connecting with emotions can amplify your business, emphasizing that B2B marketing is truly Brand Marketing, enabling the creation of deeper relationships over time.
  • More Opportunities in More Places (National Grid and Mower) –  Join National Grid's Janae Jones and Mower's Ashley Montanaro as they share the case study, "More Opportunities in More Places" Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program. This case study won Gold in the Media Strategy category of the 2022 B2 awards and created awareness and educated the National Grid commercial customers on the variety of energy efficiency programs available to each segment and relevant to their particular needs.

- 3:00pm

Deeper Connections in New Dimensions

The metaverse is the next evolution in digital connection. Join Veronica Parker-Hahn, Director of Global Creative Council at Meta, as she details the progress on Meta’s vision for the metaverse and shares why attendees should be excited about the massive potential it has for their businesses. 

Veronica Parker Hahn
Director, Global & EMEA Creative Councils Meta
- 3:30pm

Cross-Media Measurement: Driving Change Through Industry Agreement

Industry stakeholders including marketers, TV, digital platforms, agencies, and vendors have come together under the ANA’s Cross-Media Measurement Initiative to shape the future of marketing measurement. In this session, you will learn more about this initiative, what it means for the industry, the groundbreaking progress this initiative has made over the past 12 months, and the roadmap for 2023 and beyond.

Bill Tucker
Group Executive Vice President ANA
Jackson Bazley
EVP, Measurement for Marketers, Data & Analytics ANA
Kanishka Das
Global E-Business Analytics and Insights Director P&G
Danielle DeLauro
Executive Vice President VAB
- 5:30pm

Best Practices for Content Marketing Strategies

Learn three best practices to build a solid, strategic foundation for your content marketing.

  • Gain organizational buy-in for content marketing. Gain decision-maker buy-in up front so it becomes easier to get content marketing strategy done right.
  • Create a written content marketing strategy on one page. Develop a focused strategy to align your company’s content objectives and goals with marketing strategies and metrics.
  • Create compelling stories on a one-page Message Map. Answer your customers’ key question – what’s in it for me (WIIFM)? – using a handy visual template.

George Stenitzer
Founder Crystal Clear Communications
- 4:00pm

The Yin and Yang of Client/Agency Partnerships: Creating an Effective Media Ecosystem

Scott Grenz
President & Founder Genco Pura Media LLC
- 4:30pm

How SeeHer Is Building a Gender Inclusive Media & Marketing Ecosystem Through GEM®

SeeHer spearheaded the development of the Gender Equality Measure (GEM®) in 2016 as the first data-driven methodology to uncover gender bias in ads and content.

With nearly 300,000 ads measured across 14 countries, representing close to 90% of global ad spend, GEM® is now the global gold standard of gender equality measurement. 

To keep pace with an increasing complex and data driven marketplace, GEM® has taken a multi-platform approach to embedding gender equality into end to end marketing and media processes; from creative development to ad effectiveness measurement.

In this session, learn more about SeeHer’s new and expanded resources that embed GEM® principles and best practices into every stage of the media planning and buying ecosystem.

Latha Sarathy
Chief Research Officer ANA
Yatisha Forde
Senior Director, Insights, Thought Leadership, & Measurement SeeHer
- 5:00pm

Ford Equation: New Product + Diverse Audiences = Business Growth

Ford was looking to attract a new, younger, more diverse customer. They were also looking to differentiate and create a new compact truck pick up segment in North America anchored on affordability and versatility. Enter the Ford Maverick: "The Truck You Didn't Know You Needed." Since its launch last year, Maverick has been a major success story. In a business environment where every marketing dollar needs to count, focusing on the audiences Ford most wanted to attract – women, African Americans, Hispanics and younger millennials – was paramount. The Maverick story epitomizes Ford's ambition to reach those audiences in their digital channels of choice with authentic messages that resonate. Results speak for themselves as 76 percent of Maverick buyers are new to Ford.

Marla Skiko
Global Head of Consumer Connections, Marketing Ford Motor Company
- 5:30pm

How Generative AI Can Drive Innovation

Dokyun Lee
Associate Professor in Management Questrom School of Business at Boston University