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FREE: Global Creativity Day - An ANA Global Day of Learning Event

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The ANA, through the Global CMO Growth Council, is calling for an industry-wide collective knowledge exchange on Thursday, July 13, 2023. We're asking marketers to take the time to refresh their skill sets around maximizing creative effectiveness.



ANA's Global Day of Learning is the cornerstone of our strategy to invest in the future of our industry. Over the past year nearly 20,000 marketing professionals and students from 90 countries have benefited from four full days of learning — from the best and brightest in our industry — for FREE.

“This open-access learning experience will reward registered participants up to six continuing education units or CEUs (in the ANA Conferences category) for completing one Global Day of Learning when scheduled within their Certified ANA Marketing Professional (CAMP) recertification time period. If CAMP-certified participants have already earned CEUs in the ANA Conferences category, only a maximum of six CEUs may be earned in this category. Go here for more information on the ANA CAMP Certification Program or ANA CAMP Certification Renewal.


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Thursday, July 13, 2023
- 8:32am

Opening Remarks

Nick Primola
Group Executive Vice President ANA Global CMO Growth Council
- 9:30am

Key Lessons from the 2023 Cannes LIONS International Festival of Creativity

*** PLEASE NOTE: This special session will be replayed at 4:00 p.m. (EST) to ensure that everyone will have access to it. It will also be available on-demand for 24 hours following today's Global Day of Learning. ***

Fiorenza Plinio
Global Head of Creative Excellence Cannes LIONS
- 10:00am

Colgate-Palmolive: Learnings Behind a Magnetic Creative Force

Laurent Cayet
Worldwide Director, Brand Equity & Content Colgate-Palmolive
Fred Saldanha
Global Chief Creative Officer VMLY&R
- 11:30am

Optimizing the Creative Process

Your creative process can make or break whether you go to market with a big idea that builds your business or a small idea that lacks relevance and engagement. Successful collaboration needs the right people involved, in the right way, at the right time. While many clients think they have a streamlined, effective creative process, agencies continue to voice concern. It is well known and accepted that the agency brief is the foundation of the agency’s creative work. Less well known, or accepted, is that your client brief (also called assignment brief, project brief, campaign brief, etc.) drives development of the agency’s brief. For many agencies, the client brief is not sufficient and delivered through a quick email or call, or it’s way too lengthy with unnecessary, unfocused information.

This workshop gives you best practices of an optimized creative process, whether you work with external and/or internal agencies or are new to the process or a seasoned professional looking for a refresher. You will gain vital skills to develop an effective, actionable client brief for your agency. You will learn how to give feedback to an agency’s brief and creative concepts, and “sell in” creative ideas internally.

Dina Shapiro
Founder Yorkville Consulting
- 10:30am

Creativity Lessons from the Institute for Real Growth (IRG) Humanized Growth Champion Winner - Intel

George Olexa
Senior Director of Brand, Creativity, and Media Intel Corporation
Raquelle Zuzarte
Founder & CMO Equity Project for All
- 11:00am

Heart Haus: Human-Centered Creativity and 2022 Best in Show ANA In-House Excellence Award Winner

Heart Haus is CVS Health’s in-house Creative Team inspired by the CVS purpose and grounded in what makes them distinct: human-centered creativity. Heart Haus helps persuade, empower, and inspire consumers, members, and patients to achieve healthier lives through the communications and activations they imagine and bring to life. In 2022, Heart Haus was recognized as the Best in Show winner for the ANA In-House Excellence Awards. In this session, you’ll learn key takeaways from this creative “power house.”

Jay Williams
Executive Creative Director CVS Health (Heart Haus)
- 11:30am

The Fresh Market Brand Turnaround Story - The Power of Love

How do you go from being ranked by Glass Door as the absolute "Worst Company in America to Work For" in 2018 to being Voted the "#1 Best Supermarket in America" by USA Today Readers in 2021 and 2022? From being privately held to being acquired by one of the world's largest retailers. From alienating your best customers to being rewarded by their loyalty. Learn how The Fresh Market returned to its Brand for Humans roots through driving innovation and leveraging media as the brand's centerpiece for growth.

Kevin Miller
Chief Marketing Officer The Fresh Market
- 12:00pm

How Campari America Creates Brand Awareness Through Experiential Engagement

Experiential marketing used to be all about driving product trial but in a world of converging ideas, unique experiential activations can do more now than ever before. Campari America leverages several audience (and brand) insights to create consumer engagement that reinforces brand positioning, captures data, builds consumer loyalty, and at times connects with e-commerce to drive purchase - all uniquely built for a difference audience. Experiential activations are not a "one-size-fits-all" approach; each experiential program is thoughtfully crafted and customized to fit the needs of the intended audience. 

Andrea Sengara
Head of Marketing U.S. Campari Group
- 1:30pm

Driving Inclusive Marketing Excellence

This workshop taps into both the art and the science of great multicultural and inclusive marketing. The content and the delivery will take marketers first into a journey of self-discovery, then reflection and real-world application across creative, media, and marketing performance for inclusive marketing.  This workshop arms marketers with insights, knowledge, and skills to not only build successful multicultural marketing campaigns but to tap into the power of data, technology, and leadership across functions to drive success. Led by an expert global marketing leader, this high-impact workshop draws on the artistic aesthetics of connecting to consumers through culture, as well as the scientific rigor of metrics and measuring impact, to refine and enhance their multicultural and inclusive marketing efforts. Through robust frameworks, anthropological narratives, case studies, stories from current marketing executives, visual thinking strategies, and technology immersion, participants will be armed with tools and resources to galvanize their marketing strategies and drive sustainable and profitable growth in a multicultural America.

Raquelle Zuzarte
Founder Equity Project for All
- 12:30pm

Gaming and Web3: Brand Building in the New Frontier

As technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, brands are constantly scrambling for relevancy and share of voice on new channels. But should brands chase every new platform? How do brands stay true to themselves while continuing to evolve? How can you leverage gaming and emerging technology as part of your brand story to increase credibility among key audiences that are less likely to consume traditional content? In this session, you’ll hear from Beth Woodruff, Senior Director of Brand Strategy, Integrations, Gaming and Innovation, on how Ally is building its brand by using compelling content to engage consumers and meet the massive gaming audience in a space they already enjoy.

Beth Woodruff
Senior Director, Brand Strategy, Integrations, Gaming and Innovation Ally
- 1:00pm

Upstream Inclusion and the Launch of Glad's Cherry Blossom Bag

Earlier this year, Clorox launched Glad ForceFlexPlus Cherry Blossom, a pink, scented trash bag. The ad campaign – created from FCB's dedicated Upstream Inclusion practice – demonstrates the product is anything but basic by breaking through category norms to introduce “the most extra trash bag, ever.” The creative taps into the notion of being 'extra' as a way to culturally resonate with people across different demographics and sociographics who value self-expression and creativity.

C.C. Ciafone
Marketing Director The Clorox Company
Marc Wilson
EVP, Executive Director of Strategic Inclusion FCB
- 1:30pm

Launching a Tech Brand, With Heart

Opening Remarks: Sonia David, Vice President, Business Marketing, ANA

On its first day as an independent company, Kyndryl was already the world’s largest technology services business in the market. But as an unknown brand - even with its size and deep experience - it faced an enormous task. To succeed, Kyndryl needed to both win the trust and confidence of its customers – the CIOs of the largest industry leading organizations while simultaneously activating its thousands of employees to be brand advocates in support of customer retention and growth.

Learn how Kyndryl set out to define its new future by:

  • Creating a human centric, purposeful brand which embodies the foundational values for a relationship-based business - while clearly differentiating itself from its pre-spin identity
  • Activating its employees and building an empathetic and restless culture amid a pandemic
  • Launching its first global advertising campaign with a distinctive point of view on the brand’s place at the heart of their customers’ progress.
  • Evolving its partner ecosystem to maximize reach, credibility and effectiveness of content and communications

Ann Boza-Lobo
Vice President of Brand, Content and Experience Marketing Kendryl
Audrey Melofchik
CEO, North America Wunderman Thompson
- 2:00pm

Man vs. Dog: Why It Takes Big Long Ideas to Win at Cannes and Climb the B2B Effectiveness Ladder

Through an iconic ad man and some soon-to-be-famous dogs, see how the WARC-endorsed "Big Long Idea" framework enables brands to develop creative ideas that climb higher on the B2B Effectiveness Ladder. Led by the B2B agency powerhouse Stein IAS and its client Dechra Pharmaceuticals, this session introduced a new report and playbook that premiered at Cannes detailing how brands can reach the Ladder's highest rung, turning creative ideas into strategic assets that drive businesses forward into the future.

Key takeaways:

  • Ideas need to be big enough to give your audience different experiences
  • People buy with emotion before logic
  • No one was ever bored into buying anything

Alex Webb
Chief Content Officer Stein IAS
Rachel Horton, RVN
Product Manager Dechra Veterinary Products
- 2:30pm

eos: Evolving with Creativity

eos Products CMO Soyoung Kang provides a behind-the-scenes look at how her brand has recaptured cultural relevance by shrewdly leveraging market research, partnering with a roster of TikTok influencers, and embracing a more risqué brand voice that openly talks to customers about how they can “bless their cooch.”

Soyoung Kang
CMO eos Products
- 3:00pm

5 Topical Trends in Creative Effectiveness

Kantar has clear evidence that Creativity is essential to delivering strong business returns. However, what constitutes creative success is constantly evolving. The latest developments in technology, media and culture raise new creative challenges for marketers. For example:

  • How do you balance capturing attention, emotionally engaging and entertaining an audience with your business requirement to drive sales and build your brand?
  • How do you win in a digital world, where your campaign needs to resonate across a huge range of contexts and environments?
  • How do you tackle key responsibility issues such as inclusion and sustainability without being accused of tokenism or greenwashing?
  • How do you use new generative AI technologies to enhance creativity rather than dumb it down into a robotic nightmare?

This session will address these challenges by sharing key learnings and best practice examples from the latest Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards.

It will also incorporate the very latest insights and examples from the 2023 Cannes Lions festival.

Duncan Southgate
Senior Director, Creative and Media Solutions - Insights Division Kantar
Vera Sidlova
Global Creative Thought Leadership Director Kantar
- 3:30pm

Frito-Lay: Taking Creative Risks in an In-House Agency

Sure, there are cost savings to be had. Yes, it’s easier to coordinate an in-house campaign with the full marketing mix. But developing campaigns in-house is not about playing it safe. It’s about taking big swings. It’s about managing risks internally, so the payoffs are even bigger. It’s about stoking the creative fires within the organization to drive creativity across the brand.

Chris Bellinger
Vice President, Creative and Digital Frito-Lay
- 4:00pm

The Business Case for Making "Good" Creative Work to Drive Growth

How to make creativity more effective.

What makes creativity work? Join WARC as they share some of the principles of creative effectiveness, developed from years of research across the world. This session will help you understand why creativity is so powerful, and how to maximize its commercial impact.

David Tiltman
SVP, Content WARC
- 4:50pm

Key Lessons from the 2023 Cannes LIONS International Festival of Creativity

Fiorenza Plinio
Global Head of Creative Excellence Cannes LIONS