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The ANA, through the Global CMO Growth Council, is calling for an industry-wide collective deep dive on media this April 19. Let's take the time to reset, reboot, and recharge our industry with an infusion of the world’s best media practices to help you and your teams refuel growth.

A synchronized global effort featuring a carefully curated curriculum of premier organizations and “Masters-level” media experts for learning, development, ideation, and inspiration, at no cost.

How It Works

The Global Day of Learning: Media will be available to anyone in the marketing industry who registers through the centralized website. Access will last for the full 24-hour period of April 19, 2022 (ET).

Open Access

One-stop learning is complimentary through access to a central site for content and courses.

Fully Customizable

Marketers can choose from self-directed on-demand classes, pre-recorded “marketing masters,” best-in-class keynotes, or curated insight and research presentations.

Self-Styled Learning

Marketers can create their own agendas for a personal Day of Learning.


Curriculum and instruction will be provided by the world’s leading media experts on the year's most relevant topics.

Top training and knowledge from the world’s foremost media experts. Completely complimentary.

All in one place. Only for one day. April 19, 2022.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022
- 9:30am

WELCOME: New Directions for Marketers to Take Media In

Bob Liodice welcomes marketers to the second ANA Global Day of Learning.
Marc Pritchard urges marketers to pursue five critical measures in the realm of media.

  • Respect consumer data
  • Innovate in media buying and placement
  • Connect media directly to commerce
  • Innovate to engage with and immerse consumers
  • Accelerate growth in multicultural media

Bob Liodice
Marc Pritchard
Chief Brand Officer P&G
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- 10:00am

Getting Attention? Why Attention Metrics Can Help Brands Win Today and Plan for Tomorrow

Consumers are bombarded by more than 4,000 advertising messages daily, across platforms, devices and channels. It’s a battleground for attention – and yet, we continue to trade on impressions. Join dentsu’s Sarah Stringer, EVP, Head of U.S. Media Partnerships, in conversation with Joanne Leong, VP, Global Partnerships, to uncover the new value system we should be focusing on, attention. Learn how brands can both measure and earn attention to maximize the impact of their media buys across channels.

Joanne Leong
VP, Global Partnerships dentsu International
Sarah Stringer
EVP, Head of U.S. Media Partnerships dentsu International
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- 10:30am

Creativity and Analytics

This session is designed to facilitate the discovery and dissemination of insights through the power of analytical and creative thinking. This involves fostering a climate of innovation and analytics throughout the organization - beyond marketing to product, sales, and research.

Marc de Swaan Arons
Founder Institute for Real Growth (IRG)
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- 11:00am

Key Learnings from the MediaSense Media 2025 Study

MediaSense’s Media 20:20 program, now in it’s 7th year has become a barometer for the global media industry and essential reading for Marketing Directors, Procurement, Digital and Media Teams. This latest wave of research includes inputs from 100+ senior marketers, some of whom represent ANA member companies. Dana Bhargava, Head of Experience Planning at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, will join MediaSense for the session to bring further insights from the advertiser perspective.

  • Why has transformation become such a key focus in 2022?
  • How is the industry addressing the skills shortage?
  • Will cross-media measurement ever be realized?

David Strome
Client Development Director MediaSense
Ryan Kangisser
Managing Partner, Strategy MediaSense
Dana Bhargava
Head of Experience Planning and Media Sanofi Consumer Health
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- 12:30pm

The Fourth Annual SeeHer SheFront

  • Welcome Remarks: The Power of Storytelling
    Ms. Oprah Winfrey, CEO at OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network; Global Media Leader
  • The Power of Brands and Inclusive Narratives
    Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at P&G; Co-Chair, SeeHer
  • SeeHer in Media
    Jeannine Shao Collins, President, SeeHer, ANA
  • Leading Change Through Insight Discussion
    Moderator: Fiona Carter, CMO at Goldman Sachs; Co-Chair, SeeHer
    Panelists: Lorenzo Larini, CEO, IPSOS North America, Shelley Zalis, CEO, The FQ; Co-Founder, SeeHer, Latha Sarathy, Chief Research Officer, ANA
  • SeeHer Media Presentations
    Presentations from SeeHer members

Marc Pritchard
Chief Brand Officer P&G
Jeannine Shao Collins
President SeeHer
Fiona Carter
CMO Goldman Sachs
Lorenzo Larini
CEO Ipsos North America
Latha Sarathy
Chief Research Officer ANA
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- 1:00pm

Key Concepts to Prepare for the Cookieless Future

With the dynamic world of privacy and media measurement, what’s a marketer to do? In this brief overview, learn what the state of the cookieless world is at the moment and what you can do to get ready now for all the changes ahead in measurement and first-party data management.

Erin Yasgar
Marketer and Agency Strategy Prohaska Consulting
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- 1:30pm

Media Career Paths in the AI Era: Insights on the Future of Work

Automation, evolving data-privacy laws, and the impact of COVID-19 have changed the media landscape, decreasing demand for some channels while increasing the need for others. Marketing organizations, agencies, and media providers are now facing a shift in both skills demand and employee interests. Media professionals will need to make career transitions both within and across organizations.

Moderated by SeeHer executives, Subject Matter Experts from the world’s top media brands will discuss skill sets required in a changing talent marketplace, opportunities for reskilling, the potential for AI in building talent strategies, and how media professionals can navigate the changing workforce.

Jeannine Shao Collins
President SeeHer
Alysia Borsa
Chief Business Officer and President of Lifestyle Dotdash Meredith
Jodie Kennedy
Director, Head of CPG Snapchat
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- 2:00pm

HIGHLIGHTS: ANA 2022 Media Conference

Suspicion of measurement and make goods grows, as does investment in minority-owned and retail media: those are among key takeaways from the Association of National Advertisers Media Conference held in Orlando, Florida, March 2-4.

Jack Neff
Editor at Large Ad Age
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