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About the Conference

September 23-24, 2020 / Virtual

ANA is bringing together the top priorities of media and measurement into a single industry event – the ANA Media & Measurement Virtual Conference.

The media landscape continues to be hyper-fragmented and has never been more complicated. At the same time, measurement is undergoing a renaissance with a marketer-led agenda enabling a new, transparent, and objective measurement system.

At the ANA Media & Measurement Virtual Conference, speakers will discuss the opportunities and challenges these pose for marketers, with topics including cross-media measurement, the evolving video landscape, multi-touch attribution, in-house media, emerging media technologies like AI, and much more.

Join the conversation at #ANAmediameasure

3 Reasons to Register


Tap into rich insights, best practices, case studies, and the latest trends from leaders in marketing and advertising.


Connect with peers from businesses large and small to expand your personal network and sphere of influence.


Advance your marketing knowledge and that of your team to drive sustained growth for your brand and business.

"This conference is always very informative. I enjoy the sessions and always feel like I am taking away some new learnings. It is also a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and expand my network."

- 2019 Conference Attendee

What You Get

  • The latest trends in media, including cross-media measurement, the evolving video landscape, multitouch attribution, in-house media, and emerging media technologies.

  • Creative ways to leverage data to predict consumer behavior, measure and optimize marketing effectiveness, enable disruption, drive innovation, and evolve product development.

  • Thought-provoking presentations led by marketing leaders from top brands including P&G, Nissan North America, Lilly USA, Simulmedia, Neustar, eMarketer, and Mattel.

  • Expert guidance on how to effectively use data to make the right decisions on the media mix that will work best for you.
The 2019 Data & Measurement Conference in Two Minutes

In this two-minute overview of last year's Data & Measurement Conference, speakers including Greg Pharo, global director of media analytics and advertising research for The Coca-Cola Co., and Saejin Park, director of global digital transformation at General Motors, explain why leveraging data is invaluable to remaining relevant and driving growth across the industry.

Hosts and Speakers

Bill Duggan
Group Executive Vice President

Bill Tucker
Group Executive Vice President

Monica Dreger
VP, Head of Global Consumer Insights
Mattel, Inc.

David Kenny
CEO and Chief Diversity Officer

Roseann Montenes
Vice President, Precision, Performance & Strategic Audience
A+E Networks

Dave Morgan
Chief Executive Officer

Ted Prince
Executive Vice President and President, Analytics Solutions

Marc Pritchard
Chief Brand Officer
The Procter & Gamble Company
ANA Board of Directors

Geoff Ramsey
Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist

Lina Shields
Chief Media Officer
Lilly USA

Stan Sthanunathan
EVP Consumer & Market Insights

Allyson Witherspoon
Vice President, Marketing Communications and Media
Nissan North America

More speakers to be announced.

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The ANA Media Advisory Board has been meeting with CMOs, agency partners, media sellers, and independent consultants to discuss the television upfront. The primary purposes of the Media Advisory Board are to act as change agents and to identify topics and issues that advance industry opportunities and address industry challenges. This white paper shares thinking on how to reform the television upfront marketplace.

Data Sources for Media: Buyer's Guide

A tremendous amount of money is spent on data for media buying decisions, specifically third-party audience data from many different sources. This often makes it difficult for advertisers to understand exactly what they're buying, leaving advertisers at a disadvantage and at risk of purchasing data that's unsuitable for their purpose. This white paper recommends five criteria to focus on when evaluating data.

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“It’s the best media conference platform in the world right now.”

- 2019 Attendee

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