Art and Science of Brand Building

Your brand is an intangible asset and yet it is the most powerful contributor to the long term growth of your company’s bottom line.  It takes vigilance and a disciplined process to maintain and grow your brand equity.  To remain relevant, your brand needs customer insight and analysis, competitive analysis, and effective positioning and activation. This course will help your brand compete and win in the marketplace; it breaks down the key components of brand building in a way that will build your knowledge and reveal practical insights and initiatives that you can use to build your brand and bottom line.

Who Is This Course For?

Junior, middle and senior marketers - those new to marketing will find this a great introduction to key essentials, while those with more experience will expand their knowledge.

 Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to identify the key customer segments that drive your business
  2. Gain a deep understanding of your key customer segment motivators and how to establish a strong emotional connection
  3. Establish exactly what you are competing with in the minds of your customer segments
  4. Learn about the power of archetypes and brand identity
  5. Learn how to define a differentiating brand positioning
  6. Identify critical brand assets and align them to design a distinctive brand experience


Estimated Length of Completion: Approximately 2 hours


Ed Faruolo, ANA faculty, founded VitaLincs to help clients increase their appeal within markets they serve through interactive workshops and strategic consulting. His clients include major corporations and new ventures. Ed has an exceptional track record for creating and securing sustainable market opportunities for new and existing business ventures. He led marketing for three Fortune 100 companies and brings a foundation of real-world experience and learning.

Registration Pricing

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