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Aligning Marketing to Sales (Half Day)

Leveraging Insights to Build Your Competitive Advantage
(Half Day Workshop)

Workshop Description

Marketing and sales alignment offers the single greatest opportunity for improving business performance. The challenge is that sales and marketing can view things differently. In the B2C world, sales are mostly focused on the channel (the customer), while Marketing is often primarily focused on the consumer. This can make alignment between the two organizations even tougher.

In this workshop, you will learn that coordination and alignment between marketing and sales require more than just tacking marketing communications onto the front end of an existing sales process. You will learn how to coordinate marketing and sales objectives, strategies, activities, and goals. Using discussions and exercises, you will learn about the causes of misalignment, define terms to improve communication, create actionable processes and improvement plans, and you will discover how to eliminate misalignment going forward.

Led by a former CEO of several divisions of a Fortune 200 company, this workshop shows you how to better align marketing and sales within your organization; you will gain an understanding of the frameworks and techniques needed to execute B2C marketing and sales alignment. You will address your own marketing and sales alignment challenges and you will also create an activation blueprint that helps to improve alignment. 

Who Is This Workshop For?

A foundational assumption of this workshop is that you believe that competing in today’s world requires better alignment between marketing and sales to build your competitive advantage. This being the case, this workshop is for:

  • Individual contributors, first line and mid-level managers in marketing and those in sales who want to help the company gain greater alignment between these organizations
  • Managers who are assuming marketing or sales responsibilities for the first time, and those managers already in a marketing or sales capacity but without significant experience

Workshop Benefits

The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing effectiveness, increasing marketing efficiencies, maximizing marketing ROI, and improving employee alignment.

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • The roles marketing and sales play in driving corporate success
  • How to communicate and focus on the same meaningful metrics
  • How to build a collaborative process for monitoring and reporting

This workshop helps attendees increase marketing efficiency by teaching them:

  • A better understanding of what sales needs and why they need to produce less wasteful efforts in marketing

This workshop helps attendees maximize marketing ROI by teaching them:

  • How to gain a competitive advantage driven by improved alignment
  • More of what matters to the sales

This workshop helps attendees improve employee alignment and collaboration by teaching them:

  • How to create a common focus…on the consumer
  • How to address your own company-specific challenges around marketing/sales alignment
  • Tools and frameworks to implement change throughout your organization

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  • Mitchell Goozé

    Mitchell Goozé is a principal with the Customer Manufacturing Group, a leading marketing/sales process management consultancy. He is a member of the ANA Faculty and was named Marketing Speaker of the Year. Mitchell teaches our Strategic Marketing, Aligning Marketing with Sales and Customer Centricity Workshops.