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What an Inspired Creative Brief Looks Like (101) (Virtual)

Creative Briefing Mastery Program 101
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Workshop Description
This three-hour virtual open enrollment workshop will change your thinking about a document too often taken for granted and too easily underestimated.

Led by the author of two critically acclaimed textbooks, How To Write A Single-Minded Proposition and How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief, and a former ad agency creative director, this workshop presents examples of outstanding creative briefs written in the United States and the United Kingdom. You’ll examine how they use language to bring clarity and inspiration to the creative brief process.

This engaging, interactive workshop will engage you with individual exercises, and challenge you to think differently about creative briefs. This course will push you to rethink the first step in the creative process in order to make improvements to writing inspiring creative briefs for your clients.

This is the first installment in the ANA’s five-part series “Creative Briefing Mastery Program”, where participants learn the art of crafting compelling creative briefs that captivate audiences and inspire innovation. Participants also learn how to get outside their comfort zones and deliver a polished presentation of the brief that will win over creative teams and transform brand partners into brand advocates.

Target Audience
This workshop is for account planners/management, creatives, and strategists, at any level, who are involved in the development of creative. It is a great first-step for those new to the creative brief process and a welcome refresher for seasoned professionals.

Workshop Benefits
The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing effectiveness, increasing marketing efficiencies, and improving marketing ROI.

After attending this workshop, participants will be equipped to:

Increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Exposing you to examples of highly effective creative briefs
  • Gaining actionable skills to improve the quality of your creative brief writing
  • Learning how to articulate your client’s brand attributes with clarity and assurance

Increase marketing efficiency by:

  • Discovering the elements that make any communication more clear, eliminating confusion

Improve marketing ROI by:

  • Learning what an inspiring creative brief looks like to inspire better creative brief writing from your own people

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  • Howard Ibach

    Howard Ibach is an author, essayist, adjunct college instructor, workshop leader and public speaker. In 2009, his critically acclaimed text, How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief, was ranked #7 on About.com’s “Top 10 Advertising Books You Absolutely Must Read.” In 2015, the 2nd edition earned the #1 spot on this list.