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Digital Marketing Analytics Mastery Program

Using Data to Influence Decisions and Drive Business Growth

The ANA Marketing Training & Development Center offers onsite training support. Our Mastery Programs
are intensive training experiences in key disciplines that connect your marketing team with strategic needs,
skills, and ideas that will amplify your marketing performance.

The ANA’s MTDC Mastery Programs are flexible to fit your time and budget; programs can be delivered over
two full days or as a series of independent half-days.

Note: The 101 workshop in this Mastery Program can be conducted both in-person and virtually. In-person and virtual workshop descriptions have separate web pages, which are linked below (In-Person/Virtual).

Digital Analytics Strategy: A Primer for Digital Marketers (In Person) (Virtual)

  • Develop clear marketing goals for measurement
  • Analyze data to meet your business goals and values
  • Connect customer behavior attribute to measurement and outcomes

Behind the Numbers: Applying Context to Digital Data & Creating Effective Reports (In Person) (Virtual)

  • Create relevant KPIs for campaigns
  • Communicate data simply and effectively
  • Connect revenue goals to user behavior and actions

Turning Digital Data into Decisions
 (In Person) (Virtual)

  • Present analytics visually for maximum effectiveness
  • Use a visual data analysis framework to identify key growth areas
  • Track and measure the effectiveness of specific campaign goals

Persuading Executives Using Effective Digital Marketing Data Presentation Techniques
 (In Person) (Virtual)

  • Influence others by understanding their emotional needs
  • Eliminate unnecessary data and clutter from reports
  • Estimate the business impact of opportunities and required investment

Download the full agenda here


  • Temitayo Osinubi

    T. Osinubi is the Co-Founder and CEO of STEM Whisperers; a disruptive education consulting company built to replace the school-to-prison pipeline with Marketing Technology (MarTech) careers.