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Integrated Marketing Communications

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Begins:Monday, September 9, 2013 at 8:30am
Ends:Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 5:00pm

Reed Smith LLP
101 Second Street
Suite 1800
San Francisco, CA 94105

Instructor: Richard Costello

Richard Costello is the founder of MagicEcho, a consultancy that facilitates retreats, strategy reviews, and brainstorming sessions for boards of directors, management teams, and industry groups. Prior to founding MagicEcho, Richard spent 22 years as the “brand guru” for General Electric. He led the development and implementation of the long running “We Bring Good Things to Life” advertising campaign. Born and educated in London, England, Richard started his career in the British advertising industry. He moved to the United States in 1973. He had worked for the advertising agency McCann Erickson, in London and New York, before joining GE in 1980.

Richard is a member of the ANA Faculty and has served as a board member and chairman of the ANA. He has also served on the boards of the Advertising Council, and is currently on their finance committee, and the BPA, where he continues to be a consultant to the chief executive officer.


Day One




Content Summary




  • Definition of IMC
  • Two global trends that are increasing the importance of effectively executing IMC




  • Why every successful IMC program starts by understanding “The Boss”.....your customer
  • Introduction to market segmentation
  • Case examples of how smart segmentation grows your brand
  • Hands-on: 3 step exercise to develop and apply market segmentation for a brand
  • Introduction to the Hierarchy of Need concept
  • Hands-on: Build a hierarchy of need for a brand




  • Positioning defined
  • The building blocks of brand positioning:

-          Points of Parity vs. Points of Difference

-          Reasons to Believe

-          The Brand Promise

  • Hands-on: 3 step exercise to build a “Brand Bull’s Eye”




  • “Pushing the same message through all the pipes”
  • Consistency across time: examples of success and failure
  • Consistency across all vehicles: examples of consistent and in-consistent execution
  • A message consistency checklist
  • Hands-on: Using the checklist to assess various recent or current B2C & B2B campaigns


Day Two




Content Summary


The purchase process


  • Differences in decision making for impulse and considered purchases
  • Comparison of purchase process for both types of decision
  • Hands-on: Build a purchase process diagram


Touch Points


  • What is a touch point?
  • The role of touch points at different points in the purchase process
  • Example of a touch point map
  • Hand-on: Overlay the purchase process diagram with a touch point map




  • Case history demonstrating effective alignment
  • 9 best practices
  • An alignment assessment checklist
  • Hands on: Using the checklist to asses the alignment of various recent or current B2C & B2B campaigns




  • What is brand equity?
  • Three methods of measurement
  • The brand equity ten
  • Definition of Return On Investment
  • Examples of how various brands measure campaign or program ROI
  • Marketing dashboard best practices
  • Hands on: Select brand dashboard metrics for various brands


Barrier Busting


  • The most serious barrier to effective integration
  • Three successful strategies for breaking down barriers
  • Best practices in building a cross functional team
  • A tool kit for managing the start-up of a cross functional team


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