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Understanding Implicit Bias - Virtual Burst

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Seats are limited and confirmation of attendance will be required in advance of the session.

Implicit bias is costly: employees that perceive and experience bias are 3x more likely to leave their current job within a year, and 2.5x more likely to feel unempowered to share innovations and solutions, costing the industry billions of dollars each year. ¹ Meanwhile, companies that boast diverse boards and executive teams outperform competitors by 33%. ² And yet, while many recognize the need to address bias and improve diversity and inclusion in their own organizations, many professionals feel ill-equipped to recognize and address their personal and organizational blind spots.

Understanding Implicit Bias is a 2-hour virtual workshop focused on helping participants increase awareness around their own unconscious bias and gain strategies for reducing the effect of bias in the workplace. Through engaging and highly interactive discussions, polls, and exercises, participants develop trust while better understanding how their actions can be shaped by implicit, unfair, or uninformed habits of thought.

Target Audience
This workshop is useful for teams (or individuals at any level) that want to foster an environment of inclusion in the workplace, that understand biases exist and can be changed, and that want to contribute to a professional environment where ideas and talent are harnessed to drive team effectiveness, creativity, and growth.

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  • Welcome & Opening Remarks (5min)
  • Setting the Stage (20min)
  • Implicit Bias (35min)
  • Cultural Differences (15min)
  • How Bias Affects Organizations  (25min)
  • Closing (5min)



Jeraul Mackey

Website: www.jeraul.com

Founder and Principal
Jeraul Mackey Training and Development

Jeraul Mackey launched Jeraul Mackey Training and Development in 2013 to help creative organizations implement equity-centered processes that serve the needs of all staff. Through workshops, trainings, and keynotes on bias, racial equity, and inclusive organizational practices, Jeraul has trained thousands. He has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Harvard Gazette, Boston Globe, and American Education Research Association.

Jeraul is a member of Improv Boston’s National Touring Company. He is currently completing a doctorate at Harvard University. Leveraging his experience as a scholar and comedian, Jeraul uses a mix of humor, cutting-edge research, and expert facilitation to transform intention into actionable solutions that stick. In addition, Jeraul is a certified DiSC trainer and coach to individuals who want to work on communication or equity skills. A New Orleans native, he graduated from the University of New Orleans in English and holds a M.Ed. from Harvard University.