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Creativity is the foundation for long term effective brand building. Creativity, according to Wikipedia, "is the ability to generate innovative ideas and manifest them from thought into reality. The process involves original thinking and then producing."

Our industry pays scant attention to creativity. But creativity matters more than ever in today's cluttered, fragmented world where consumers control whether to allow your marketing messages in-or not. Creativity not only helps to differentiate a brand, but is the basis for inviting customers to generate preference.

So let's elevate creativity to the level of importance it deserves. ANA's first-ever Creativity Conference will explore an array of tantalizing subjects like:

  • Measuring Creativity
  • Inspiring people and organizations to be creative
  • Creativity = Big Time Results
  • Agencies must drive creativity
  • New media is the new creative
  • Balancing right brain creativity with left brain analytics, procurement, accountability

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  *Live Streaming Option: We know that not everyone can travel to our Creativity Conference, so we have decided to stream it live! It's a great way to see sessions as they happen and communicate via chat with other participants online. You'll be able to hear the speakers and see their slides, just like any other webinar.

7:30am Breakfast
8:30am General Session

Opening Remarks
Bob Liodice
President and Chief Executive Officer

Meet the creators behind the groundbreaking work that has catapulted the 71-year Old Spice franchise to perhaps its greatest success yet. The "Smell Like a Man, Man" campaign, featuring former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa, jumped from television to become the fastest growing viral video campaign ever and the most talked about advertising of the year. P&G's James Moorhead, recently recognized as Grand Marketer of the Year by Brandweek and Jess Monsey of Wieden+Kennedy, will share the insights, process, and collaboration behind the creative thinking that garnered big-time business results for the brand and an Emmy for the agency.

James G. Moorhead
North America Marketing, Brand Manager Old Spice
The Procter & Gamble Company

For over a century, the Crayola brand has been synonymous with creativity and kids and both have always been at the center of Crayola's corporate culture. Throughout their history, Crayola products have been inspired by insights from parents, their children and educators which continue to shape the culture of the company today. From the office environment to the "rules for the playground", the company has not lost its roots or focus. Crayola continues to ground itself in its history and is biased for action against the purposeful goal of unleashing the originality in every child. Discover how Crayola leverages the creative minds of children to develop innovative products which have resulted in continued strong growth for their brand.

Sharon Hartley
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, North America
Crayola, LLC

Gatorade is well known for its iconic creative featuring some of the world's most famous athletes - Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, Derek Jeter, Michael Jordon, and many more. But the brand cannot simply rest on its past success and is now embarked on the biggest reinvention in its history, transforming Gatorade from a sports drink to a sports performance innovator. Creativity and innovation are foundational building blocks in this transformational journey. This session will focus on the creative process involved in developing, designing, and launching new products, which have successfully helped Gatorade evolve, and include discussion of its new "Mission Control" center that allows Gatorade to track and actively participate in social media conversations.

Sarah Robb O'Hagan
Chief Marketing Officer, Gatorade
PepsiCo Inc.

Stanley Hainsworth
Chairman, Chief Creative Officer

Digital, video, social, mobile, and television offer marketers amazing opportunities to tell unified stories, but more importantly, they provide brands with an avenue to create genuine engagement with their customers. With this level of interaction, there's a greater expectation for marketers and creatives to generate authentic conversations between brands and consumers. How do you successfully walk the tightrope between marketing and authenticity? What is the role of creativity? What historical marketing lessons are still relevant and which ones have faded from memory? Join the conversation with a team of leading creatives and marketing professionals as they explore these questions and many more surrounding the evolution of this ever-changing landscape.

Brian Hunt
Senior Creative Director

Kevin Roddy
Former Chief Creative Officer, BBH New York and Chairman of The One Club

Rosemarie Ryan
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Co Collective LLC

Steve Wax
Managing Partner

12:30pm Luncheon
Sponsored by Yahoo!
Audi of America has seen record gains in sales and market share over the past four years, due in large part to its breakthrough marketing efforts. The success story can be summed up in one word: bravery. A client who took a chance on a small, independent shop with no car experience. An agency/client relationship based on honest conversations, mutual trust and advocacy. A decision to buck the trend in the automotive industry and spend more on advertising during a free-falling economy. Audi of America and Venables Bell & Partners will reveal the secrets of their unique partnership and the ROI of being brave.

Scott Keogh
Chief Marketing Officer
Audi of America Inc.

Paul Venables
Founder and Creative Director
Venables Bell & Partners

On a list of things that attract interest from creative people, "Media" used to rank somewhere below root canals. In recent years, the media business has transformed into an almost limitless canvas of possibilities. The potential of media is becoming unlocked and creative talent holds the key. In 2004, after 15 years as a Creative Director in advertising, Mark D'Arcy joined the Time Warner Global Media Group as its first Chief Creative Officer. Mark will share how media-led creativity is reshaping the communication arts and how the role of media companies is being revolutionized in the process.

Mark D'Arcy
President and Chief Creative Officer, Global Media Group
Time Warner Inc.

The mission of TerraCycle is to eliminate waste by finding innovative, unique uses for materials others deem garbage. TerraCycle has a full range of products for home, school, the office, the garden, and even for pets! Albe will share the TerraCycle story including its unique approach to new product development and how they collaborate and partner with companies of all sizes-from small, independent companies to some of the largest corporations in the world.

Albe Zakes
Vice President, Media Relations
TerraCycle, Inc.

To identify the most engaging moments of the Creativity Conference, ANA has invited Innerscope Research to conduct a demonstration study. A select group of event attendees will be biometrically monitored throughout the day. Their unconscious emotional responses (i.e., changes in heart rate, breathing pattern, skin sweat level, and motion) will be analyzed on site with highlights presented live at the close of the conference.

Dr. Carl Marci
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer
Innerscope Research

4:30pm Adjournment

Cancellation Policy and Notes

Refunds will be granted, excluding a processing fee of $100, if written request for cancellation is received by email or fax up to 30 calendar days before the conference starting date. You will receive a 60% refund if canceling between 14 and 29 days prior to the conference starting date. No refunds will be granted for any cancellations received less than 13 days of the conference as well as 'No Shows'. Your cancellation notice can be faxed to (646) 708.8113 attention Registration Coordinator or email Phone cancellations are NOT accepted. Hotel room cancellations are to be sent directly to the hotel.