Crayola Creativity: Our Cause, Our Culture

December 8, 2010

Executive Summary

For over a century, the Crayola brand has been synonymous with creativity and kids, and both have always been at the center of Crayola's corporate culture. Throughout their history, Crayola products have been inspired by insights from parents, their children, and educators, which continue to shape the culture of the company today. From the office environment to the "rules for the playground", the company has not lost its roots or focus. Crayola continues to ground itself in its history and is biased for action against the purposeful goal of unleashing the originality in every child. Sharon Hartley, EVP U.S. marketing and sales at Crayola, discussed how the brand leverages the creative minds of children to develop innovative products that have resulted in continued strong growth.

View video below.


"Crayola Creativity: Our Cause, Our Culture." Sharon Hartley, EVP US Marketing & Sales, Crayola. ANA Creativity Conference, 12/8/10.

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