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  • The Brand-Led Effort Driving COVID-19 Vaccinations

    ANA Magazine   March 24, 2021  

    More than 300 brands are participating in the Ad Council's COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative, rolling out various advertising campaigns that urge people to get vaccinated and address those who are reluctant to get the shot.

  • Brands Wager on Sports Betting Advertising

    ANA Magazine   March 19, 2021  

    As online sports betting grows popular in the U.S., it’s creating new opportunities for brands. But hesitation around how it might affect a brand’s reputation, along with eyebrow-raising legislation in Europe, may undermine what could be a sure bet.

  • In-House Ad Agencies Are Gaining Room to Maneuver

    ANA Magazine   March 12, 2021  

    Having earned the trust of internal stakeholders, in-house agencies at The Hershey Co., Walgreens, and other mega retailers are quickly expanding their roles and responsibilities. Amid the pandemic, new tasks range from producing ads to selling them.

  • Advertisers Pick Their Spots for Streaming TV Carefully

    ANA Magazine   March 10, 2021  

    As consumers migrate to streaming services in droves, more and more brands hop on board to supplement their spending on linear TV. But the tide may be turning in favor of streaming services. Product placement may never be the same.

  • New Guidance on Brand Guidelines

    ANA Magazine   March 5, 2021  

    For brands born to a digital world, such as Uber, Twitter, or Airbnb, establishing a detailed set of brand guidelines is a natural course of action. But for more traditional brands forced by the pandemic to adjust to a future online, developing a digital-friendly set of brand guidelines may come with a bout of growing pains.

  • Keeping the Lights On Broadway

    ANA Magazine   February 26, 2021  

    Theaters and other live performance venues are following changes in consumer behavior closely and creating new media plans that try to anticipate what people will want once they start returning to live theater. While the streaming of Broadway shows has helped keep theater in the public eye amid the pandemic, virtual shows pale in comparison to the real thing.

  • Will Megacasts Become Mega-Popular?

    ANA Magazine   February 19, 2021  

    It’s up in the air whether megacasting will become the new normal. But running the same program across disparate networks should attract brands looking to land new audiences and stretch their marketing dollars.

  • Turning the Page on Content Marketing

    ANA Magazine   February 12, 2021  

    Unlike the campaign-to-campaign mode of traditional brand advertising, content marketing requires brands to constantly refine their storytelling efforts and strategize for the long haul.

  • What the Priorities of the Biden Administration Will Mean for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   February 5, 2021  

    As the Biden administration takes charge, major brands are stepping up their efforts to educate the public about vaccinations and bracing for how the new tone in the nation’s capital will impact their overall marketing strategy.

  • A Bright Outlook for Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

    ANA Magazine   January 29, 2021  

    The arrival of COVID-19 vaccines will spur additional opportunities in DOOH, as consumers return in droves to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and eating inside restaurants after being stuck in their homes because of the pandemic.

  • Brands Step Up Their Sustainability Efforts

    ANA Magazine   January 27, 2021  

    Brands ranging from P&G to PepsiCo are rolling out various initiatives to tackle issues such as climate change and environmental waste across several touchpoints, including product development, packaging, and raw material sourcing.

  • What’s in Store for Marketers Once Cookies Bite the Dust?

    ANA Magazine   January 15, 2021  

    The demise of third-party cookies provides marketers with an opportunity to be more transparent with consumers and recalibrate their methods of measurement.

  • Showing the Love for Small Businesses

    ANA Magazine   January 8, 2021  

    Mailchimp's latest ad campaign draws on classic animation to help its small business customers build big ideas. Michael Mitchell, director of brand marketing at Mailchimp, calls the campaign a "love letter" to entrepreneurs making their way through the pandemic.

  • The Next Opportunity in Ad Space?

    ANA Magazine   December 18, 2020  

    As space travel revitalizes, NASA wants help from commercial enterprises to support various missions. The move opens up new venues for companies and organizations eager to distinguish their brand on a cosmic scale.

  • Gaming the System

    ANA Magazine   December 9, 2020  

    As consumers stay home during the pandemic, they are spending more time than ever with screens and video games. The trend, which has sent many brands scrambling for innovative ways to reach their audiences beyond traditional methods of digital marketing, is expected to continue post-pandemic. Here’s how Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Rock the Vote, among others, are engaging consumers in the virtual space.

  • The Recruitment Race Resumes

    ANA Magazine   December 4, 2020  

    Creative, wide-ranging internships from brands like IBM and Verizon must become the rule rather than the exception if marketing is going to win an increasingly fierce battle for entry-level talent.

  • How Experiential Marketing Is Evolving

    ANA Magazine   November 30, 2020  

    In the wake of the pandemic, a rapid shift in experiential marketing is underway — and none too soon. The industry as a whole is expected to decline more than 15 percent this year following years of solid growth. Brands are scrambling to pick up the slack.

  • Beyond the Binary

    ANA Magazine   November 18, 2020  

    In gender-related marketing, ads no longer adhere to pink-and-blue protocols. An increasing number of companies realize that moving beyond the binary is not only good business, it cultivates brand affinity among communities that might not otherwise pay attention to their products and services. Here’s how P&G, Mastercard, and Mattel, among others, are evolving their marketing to avoid gender stereotypes and be more inclusive of trans and nonbinary people.

  • Marketers Raise Podcast Volume to Eleven

    ANA Magazine   November 13, 2020  

    The recent decline in podcast advertising is merely a pandemic-induced blip on the radar. The longer-term outlook remains quite attractive, with spending projected to reach more than $1 billion in 2021. Marketers are whetting their appetite.

  • Marketers Should Start to Prepare for Post-Pandemic Scenarios Now

    ANA Magazine   October 30, 2020  

    Marketers need to develop a plan for catered messages for different audiences, as consumers have had starkly different experiences during the pandemic based on factors such as geography and income level.