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  • New Impressions for Local TV Are Key to Succeeding in a Multiplatform Universe

    Forward   December 10, 2019  

    With an impressions-based ad model, marketers will be able to more easily include local broadcast TV in cross-platform campaign planning — and more quickly assess performance.

  • Why Marketers Are Struggling with Asset Management

    Forward   December 5, 2019  

    Using old, brute-force ways to meet new demands has reached a breaking point. Traditional digital asset management systems simply weren’t built for brand TV and video campaign asset workflow, and new research is showing why they can’t go the distance.

  • Local Radio Strategy Works Wonders for Brand Lift

    Forward   December 3, 2019  

    Understanding local cultural nuances makes a huge difference in establishing long-term relationships with those consumers.

  • The Future of Retargeted Marketing Is Direct Mail

    Forward   November 28, 2019  

    Digital technology has made a profound impact on marketing. Using retargeting-ad technology, businesses can easily and effectively reach the right consumers at the right time with the right messaging.

  • It’s a Two-Way Street

    Forward   November 26, 2019  

    To have transformative value in a brand-agency partnership, the client-agency evaluation process must have true buy-in from both sides. So say industry experts from WPP, Omnicom, Interpublic Group, and Havas Health, among others. It’s more than a critique; it’s a two-way conversation that can lead to major benefits for both sides. Here’s what experts had to say.

  • Launching Video Campaigns That Can Measure Up

    Forward   November 21, 2019  

    The OTT product is essentially defined by the content available, and new OTT services are using popular historical content and trending content creators to build their viewership. It’s creating opportunities — and obstacles — for brands. Marketers looking to get the most from their video advertising campaigns need to make sure they have the right set of metrics in place.

  • How Marketers Can Reach Their CX North Star

    Forward   November 19, 2019  

    The enterprise experience takes a holistic view of the organization and the many different people — both internally and externally — whose own experiences shape the customer experience.

  • Transparency and Trust

    Forward   November 14, 2019  

    What can organizations do to prepare for an increasingly transparent future? The first step is to assess their current level of transparency to identify potential risks and opportunities. In that process it can be helpful to look at three aspects of transparency having to do with products and services, culture, and the supply chain.

  • The Google ID Is Gone, Now What?

    Forward   November 12, 2019  

    Without the Google ID, marketers need to find new ways to build datasets to drive personalized marketing campaigns across multiple devices. Here are three obstacles and the priorities marketers must face in dealing with the massive shift the ID’s absence leaves behind.

  • Identity Resolution Is a Remedy for an Increasingly Complex Marketing Stack

    Forward   November 7, 2019  

    Identity resolution is the universal translator that helps brands identify customers across media channels and electronic devices.

  • How B2B Audiences Sniff Out the BS in Your Brand Stories

    Forward   November 5, 2019  

    With hectic schedules and a multitude of distractions competing for their interest, customers have never been so short on time or attention. To make a B2B audience take notice, business marketers should deliver brand stories in honest, compelling ways, with a balance of rational and emotional appeals.

  • How AI Can Shape the Future of Direct Mail Marketing

    Forward   October 31, 2019  

    By leveraging artificial intelligence for direct mail, marketers can create highly relevant, engaging messaging that speaks to specific consumer interests and behavior, keeps their brands top-of-mind, increases overall engagement, and, ultimately, boosts the bottom line. Here’s how.

  • Using Agency Optimization to Support Brand Goals

    Forward   October 29, 2019  

    Even though different stakeholders approach the advertiser-agency relationship from their own angle, the one shared priority is to meet and exceed the brand’s goals. Here are four key ways brands can use an agency optimization program to align stakeholder thinking and get the most value out of their agency relationships.

  • The Next 25 Years of Digital Advertising

    Forward   October 24, 2019  

    The advertising industry is now coming together to move the system forward to support all players, address privacy issues, and fuel a renaissance in creativity.

  • Understanding Connected TV

    Forward   October 22, 2019  

    Marketers are looking for ways to take advantage of this expanding new medium to drive results and deliver important KPIs in ways that traditional linear television cannot.

  • Buying Into TV’s Future

    Forward   October 17, 2019  

    New online platforms are boosting marketers’ ability to deliver relevant TV ads that drive both short- and long-term business outcomes.

  • Trust and Transparency in Media and Marketing

    Forward   October 15, 2019  

    In the three years since the ANA’s landmark report on media transparency, progress has been made but issues of opaque practices still plague the industry. As the methods for media buying evolve, marketers must maintain their vigilance.

  • Eight Imperatives for Marketing-Led Growth

    Forward   October 10, 2019  

    The good news: Marketers have a huge opportunity to have a significant impact on growth. The bad news: The stakes are far greater than anything conventional marketing can answer.

  • New Designs for Engaging Consumers

    Forward   October 8, 2019  

    Conversational marketing enables a one-to-one dialogue between individuals and brands that helps to inform, capture, qualify, and better connect with consumers.

  • Taping TV’s Fractured Viewership Back Together

    Forward   October 3, 2019  

    For years, only digital media had the ability to get so granular as to accurately measure return on advertising spend (ROAS). Thanks to advanced data science and machine learning, it is now a reality for TV as well. And while moving a TV measurement program to a more advanced level may seem daunting, there are ways for marketers to start small and scale their efforts as they go.


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