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  • Giving Boomers the Right Impression

    ANA Magazine   November 15, 2019  

    To effectively communicate with baby boomers, marketers need a more accurate picture of this still-vital generation. Shattering a few myths is a good place to start.

  • A New Chapter for Independent Bookstores

    ANA Magazine   November 8, 2019  

    A focus on niche subjects and unique customer experiences is helping indie bookshops in the fight to survive in the age of Amazon.

  • Digital Platforms Raise New Ethical Questions for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   October 19, 2019  

    With digital marketing moving at a furious pace, ethical guidelines must be enforced, modified, and amended on a regular basis.

  • Driving the Market

    ANA Magazine   September 21, 2019  

    NASCAR’s business strategy provides valuable lessons for marketers about the importance of being customer-focused first.

  • In the Battle for Attention, Marketers Are Going Long

    ANA Magazine   September 14, 2019  

    To increase the odds that their content will cut through the clutter, marketing departments must behave more like media companies.

  • What’s a Nano Influencer?

    ANA Magazine   September 7, 2019  

    Influencers, it turns out, come in all different sizes. Nano influencers — those with followings that range from 1,000 to 5,000 people — are proving they can help brands in ways the mega influencers can’t.

  • DTC Market Delivers New Opportunities for Traditional Brands

    ANA Magazine   September 6, 2019  

    Direct-to-consumer brands put a new and popular spin on delivering products and services — and give traditional brands a run for their money.

  • Stepping Into the Virtual Unknown

    ANA Magazine   August 2, 2019  

    Augmented reality and similar technologies have yet to go mainstream, but a growing number of major brands aren’t waiting for the inflection point.

  • Seven Agency Models Designed for a Digital Age

    ANA Magazine   July 26, 2019  

    Regardless of the type of agency model adopted, it's crucial that brands build an environment that's conducive to solving marketing- and advertising-related problems creatively.

  • The BOPIS Trend Is Picking Up

    ANA Magazine   July 16, 2019  

    Looking for ways to battle Amazon, retailers such as Walmart, Nike, Kroger, and The Home Depot have stepped up their buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) game. Doing everything from improving pickup systems to adding special parking sections for BOPIS buyers, their efforts are delivering success.

  • Is Facebook Too Big to Unlike?

    ANA Magazine   July 12, 2019  

    Following revelations about mishandling consumer data and its slow response to dealing with hateful and dangerous rhetoric on its platform, Facebook has been forced to take a long, hard look at itself. As user engagement sputters, it’s a good time for marketers to question the value of the social giant in their marketing mix — but is the platform, still wielding market share like a cudgel, too big to give up on?

  • BMW Is Getting Extra Mileage Out of Pre-Owned Ads

    ANA Magazine   July 10, 2019  

    BMW marketing campaign featuring recycled ads takes a page from the comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 to promote the automaker’s certified pre-owned vehicles.

  • Building a Movement, Not a Moment

    ANA Magazine   June 25, 2019  

    Broadening the representation of female artists and producers in the entertainment industry? That’s music to Jennifer Breithaupt’s ears. In this Q&A, Breithaupt, global consumer banking CMO at Citi, discusses her company’s participation in the #SeeHer initiative, its launch of #SeeHerHearHer, how Citi uses its sponsorships to drive greater inclusiveness in the music industry, and more.

  • Seeing the Big Picture for Out-of-Home Advertising

    ANA Magazine   June 21, 2019  

    While static billboards are still part of the ad mix, digital screens in all shapes and sizes are becoming more common, giving marketers the ability to run high-quality video content outside the home.

  • Brand Affinity and the Need for an Outside Perspective

    ANA Magazine   June 12, 2019  

    Understanding what consumers think of your brand is critical, but it’s not always an easy thing to determine — or understand. Here’s how marketing experts at Hershey, USPS, and Huge, among others, measure consumer brand affinity.

  • Why CPG Brands Are Getting Personal

    ANA Magazine   June 5, 2019  

    To be sure, customizing CPG products is in the nascent stage. However, considering the pace of change in the marketplace — and consumers’ growing penchant for personalized items — brands ignore the trend at their own peril.

  • Inclusiveness Is Key to Spurring Diverse Talent

    ANA Magazine   May 21, 2019  

    Despite years of effort, the advertising industry continues to lack diversity, but a growing number of brands and organizations are going beyond the rhetoric and developing legitimate programs designed to build, nurture, and grow a diverse and inclusive workforce.

  • The Power of Nostalgic Marketing

    ANA Magazine   May 3, 2019  

    A growing number of brands are dipping into the past to use classic references from pop culture to play on consumers’ nostalgia and finding it’s a safe place to be in an increasingly polarizing climate.

  • The Evolving Role of the Celebrity Spokesperson

    ANA Magazine   April 19, 2019  

    Celebrities still hold sway over the purchasing decisions of their fans, but influencer marketing is changing the nature of that relationship, and deepening exposure of celebrities’ online lives is creating brand safety issues marketers must learn to navigate.

  • How to Extend the CMO Lifecycle

    ANA Magazine   April 5, 2019  

    When CMOs are under the gun to succeed, they are more likely to make choices based on short-term gains rather than long-term strategic growth, causing a vicious cycle that may shrink their tenure even further.


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