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  • What’s in Store for Marketers Once Cookies Bite the Dust?

    ANA Magazine   January 15, 2021  

    The demise of third-party cookies provides marketers with an opportunity to be more transparent with consumers and recalibrate their methods of measurement.

  • Showing the Love for Small Businesses

    ANA Magazine   January 8, 2021  

    Mailchimp's latest ad campaign draws on classic animation to help its small business customers build big ideas. Michael Mitchell, director of brand marketing at Mailchimp, calls the campaign a "love letter" to entrepreneurs making their way through the pandemic.

  • The Next Opportunity in Ad Space?

    ANA Magazine   December 18, 2020  

    As space travel revitalizes, NASA wants help from commercial enterprises to support various missions. The move opens up new venues for companies and organizations eager to distinguish their brand on a cosmic scale.

  • Gaming the System

    ANA Magazine   December 9, 2020  

    As consumers stay home during the pandemic, they are spending more time than ever with screens and video games. The trend, which has sent many brands scrambling for innovative ways to reach their audiences beyond traditional methods of digital marketing, is expected to continue post-pandemic. Here’s how Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Rock the Vote, among others, are engaging consumers in the virtual space.

  • The Recruitment Race Resumes

    ANA Magazine   December 4, 2020  

    Creative, wide-ranging internships from brands like IBM and Verizon must become the rule rather than the exception if marketing is going to win an increasingly fierce battle for entry-level talent.

  • How Experiential Marketing Is Evolving

    ANA Magazine   November 30, 2020  

    In the wake of the pandemic, a rapid shift in experiential marketing is underway — and none too soon. The industry as a whole is expected to decline more than 15 percent this year following years of solid growth. Brands are scrambling to pick up the slack.

  • Beyond the Binary

    ANA Magazine   November 18, 2020  

    In gender-related marketing, ads no longer adhere to pink-and-blue protocols. An increasing number of companies realize that moving beyond the binary is not only good business, it cultivates brand affinity among communities that might not otherwise pay attention to their products and services. Here’s how P&G, Mastercard, and Mattel, among others, are evolving their marketing to avoid gender stereotypes and be more inclusive of trans and nonbinary people.

  • Marketers Raise Podcast Volume to Eleven

    ANA Magazine   November 13, 2020  

    The recent decline in podcast advertising is merely a pandemic-induced blip on the radar. The longer-term outlook remains quite attractive, with spending projected to reach more than $1 billion in 2021. Marketers are whetting their appetite.

  • Marketers Should Start to Prepare for Post-Pandemic Scenarios Now

    ANA Magazine   October 30, 2020  

    Marketers need to develop a plan for catered messages for different audiences, as consumers have had starkly different experiences during the pandemic based on factors such as geography and income level.

  • What the Virus Is (and Isn’t) Changing About Marketing

    ANA Magazine   October 23, 2020  

    Companies that don’t realign their priorities toward a digital-first strategy will cede their business to competitors, says Geoff Ramsey, chairman and co-founder of eMarketer. In an interview with ANA magazine, Ramsey discusses how the pandemic has put pressure on marketers to sharpen their online platforms and make sure their data reflects the new reality.

  • Marketers Search for Light in the ‘Dark Web’

    ANA Magazine   October 16, 2020  

    Despite growing privacy concerns among consumers and a lurch toward the ‘dark web,’ brands can still drive actionable insights from social listening.

  • Brands Are Cultivating New Ways to Help Communities

    ANA Magazine   October 9, 2020  

    Following the initial rush among brands and organizations to donate money and supplies, some companies are opting to build on their relief efforts and assist the community at large.

  • Reversing the Decline of American Brands in Europe

    ANA Magazine   October 2, 2020  

    Since the coronavirus outbreak, European consumer perceptions of American brands have worsened, and purchases have declined. There are various marketing strategies to deploy to get things back on track.

  • Sports Have Become a Jump Ball for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   September 25, 2020  

    Beyond updated TV ads to reflect the current climate and some new in-broadcast signage, what are brands doing to reimagine their sponsorships for professional sports leagues and maximize their value — even with fans relegated to their living rooms?

  • Airlines Keep Marketing Efforts Afloat Amid Pandemic

    ANA Magazine   September 18, 2020  

    The initial shock and continuing uncertainty caused by the pandemic have led many companies in the travel sector to put the brakes on their marketing efforts. Yet evidence suggests that keeping up engagement with consumers can help lessen the impact of the blow.

  • Pebbles Cereal Rocks User-Generated Content in New Branded Series

    ANA Magazine   September 11, 2020  

    Amy Brothers, brand manager for Pebbles cereal, and Brian Hurley, creative director at Public Works, discuss the kid-centric “Daily Yabba Dabba Doo” series and provide insight into the most effective ways for brands to harness user-generated content.

  • Why It’s Time to Humanize the Brand — for Real This Time

    ANA Magazine   September 2, 2020  

    Brands and organizations need to recognize that consumer patterns and behaviors are now being exclusively shaped by the pandemic, rather than demographics. Brian Solis, global innovation evangelist at Salesforce, discusses the digital transformation companies are now confronting, how the pandemic will fundamentally change marketing, and why it’s time to get to know generation N.

  • Social Media Channels Dial Up Brand Safety

    ANA Magazine   August 28, 2020  

    The recent crackdown on hate speech among various social media platforms provide an opportunity for brands to reset their social media strategy (not to mention their budgeting).

  • Taking a Stand on Systemic Change

    ANA Magazine   August 19, 2020  

    The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, among others, reignited a national conversation around racial injustice and systemic inequalities. With consumers increasingly expecting brands to take a stand against racial injustice, keeping silent is not an option for many companies. But to help effect real change, companies need to resolve the problematic practices that exist within their own houses first. Here’s how they can get started.

  • A New Concern Among Consumers: Brand Safety

    ANA Magazine   August 14, 2020  

    The term ‘brand safety’ has taken on a more literal meaning during the pandemic, with consumers acutely interested in how the products they buy are manufactured, packaged, and distributed.


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