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  • The Risk and Reward of AI in Email

    B2C   May 22, 2024  

    A vast majority of marketers (87 percent) say they plan to maintain or increase their email marketing investments this year, according to a recent study. Part of that spending will need to go into strengthening their email safeguards amid a growing number of state laws designed to protect consumer privacy online.

  • Influencer Marketing Is Changing the Game for Celebrity Athletes

    B2C   May 17, 2024  

    Social media and influencer marketing have started to blur the line between celebrity athletes and brand ambassadors. The challenge for brand managers is how to harness the new constellations of stars without putting the company in jeopardy or alienating people.

  • Real Influence Doesn't Require Being Real

    B2C   May 8, 2024  

    Human influencers, move over. Nearly two-thirds of marketers said they are open to teaming up with AI-created virtual influencers, according to a new study. As the trend gains momentum, marketers need to ensure that their AI-driven partners are tightly controlled and sync up nicely with the brand.

  • Marketers' Relationship with Social Media? It's Complicated

    B2C   April 26, 2024  

    While damning, the widespread and growing accusations against social media companies have not been a deterrent for brand advertisers. In fact, they're boosting their spending on most of the major social channels, with beleaguered X as an exception.

  • The Martech Playing Equalizer for SMBs

    B2C   April 24, 2024  

    Despite being the majority in the U.S., small- and mid-size companies have long played second fiddle to their larger competitors. But cloud computing, digital platforms, and social channels have enabled smaller players to break down barriers and punch above their weight.

  • Is Animation Marketing an Easier Sell for Brands?

    B2C   April 10, 2024  

    While animation marketing enables marketers to create places, situations, and characters that transcend the real world, it also provides brands with the ability to suffuse their messaging with a kind of clarity that can often be elusive in a physical environment.

  • An Olympic-Sized Opportunity for Brands

    B2C   March 29, 2024  

    While not all brands have the ad budgets to be global sponsors of the Summer Olympics, companies of all sizes can get involved with this year's Games as well as peripheral events.

  • How Agencies Deal with Clients' CMO Churn

    B2C   March 22, 2024  

    The ongoing predilection among major brands to jettison the CMO role altogether and reassign marketing duties puts a major crimp in agency-client relations and makes it harder to foster meaningful partnerships.

  • How Generative AI Can Give SMBs' Content Marketing Efforts a Jumpstart

    B2C   March 15, 2024  

    SMBs have struggled with content marketing for years. Can generative AI help them embark on a different and more profitable course?

  • In-Game Advertising Levels Up

    B2C   March 8, 2024  

    In-game advertising is going exceptionally well. Retailers and major brands are expected to pour $7.9 billion into mobile gaming advertising in 2024, up from $5.5 billion in 2021. To maximize ROI, marketers will need to max out their user experience stats.

  • Can AI Save the CMO Role?

    B2C   March 1, 2024  

    Change management — rather than a reduced emphasis on marketing — may explain why some top brands continue to get rid of the CMO role altogether. But new technology — like artificial intelligence — may be able to help improve the role's value as chief marketers feel the squeeze.

  • How to Use AI Responsibly in Marketing

    B2C   February 23, 2024  

    Experimenting with generative AI should be controlled and guided by clear and transparent policies, which are sorely lacking. Only 22 percent of companies have generative AI policies, and only 21 percent have an AI ethics policy or responsible AI principles, according to a recent survey.

  • Dealing with AI Bias in Marketing

    B2C   February 9, 2024  

    As generative AI becomes a more integral aspect of brand marketing, the onus grows on brand managers to reduce and/or eliminate AI bias. Tech giants are quickly filling the void and building their own AI bias safeguards. However, the onus on combating AI bias ultimately falls on individual brands, which need human oversight to ensure the algorithms don't go rogue and the company doesn't end up in a reputational hole.

  • WPP Merger Reflects Larger Trends Gripping the Ad Industry

    B2C   February 2, 2024  

    WPP merged VMLY&R and Wunderman Thompson to meet a market need, according to Jon Cook, global CEO of VML. Cook talks about what sparked the mega merger, the logic behind the agency's new name, and whether the ad industry is in for more consolidation.

  • The Rise of AI in Agencies

    B2C   January 24, 2024  

    Will generative AI spur a creative renaissance among ad agencies? Time will tell, but initial use shows value for clients.

  • Can CEOs and CMOs Form a Better Union?

    B2C   January 19, 2024  

    A new report from McKinsey & Co. reveals some sharp differences when it comes to how CEOs and CMOs understand the role marketing plays and how it contributes to the company's overall goals and objectives. There are several steps CMOs can take to bridge the divide, facilitated by strengthening communication and sharing a customer-centric vision for the company.

  • How Brands Fine-Tune Their Music Marketing

    B2C   January 17, 2024  

    Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" in 2023 made it clear that music moves markets. So, it's little wonder why major brands such as Citi, Coors Light, and Taco Bell plan to strike up the band this year with significant investments in music marketing.

  • The Battle for Brand Safety

    B2C   December 29, 2023  

    To combat online hate and make sure their information doesn't end up next to vituperative content, marketers must remain vigilant.

  • Can AI Solve the Data Privacy Challenge?

    B2C   December 22, 2023  

    The vast majority of the advertising industry agrees that a state-led approach to data privacy legislation does not work. But what might privacy look like in an ideal future, and is AI the answer?

  • The Need for a Comprehensive U.S. Data Privacy Law

    B2C   December 15, 2023  

    The cry for federal data privacy legislation has reached a fever pitch, as navigating state laws becomes increasingly confusing and costly. In response, advertising industry groups are working together to advocate for a single federal law.