Account-Based Marketing Committee Meeting: The Cure to the Marketing Silo

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A quick scan of jobs posted for account-based marketing (ABM) reveals a broad range of ways that companies define the approach. Yet, one thing is consistent with most of these role descriptions: There are merely subtle – if any – mentions of how they align with the business overall.

As every marketer knows, marketing that isn’t tied to driving growth for the business is a symptom of an all-too-familiar challenge: The marketing silo.

There are many well-intentioned organizations that are intrigued by the promise of ABM. After all, creating bespoke, customer-centric experiences is a quest shared by functions across most organizations. However, ABM often is thought of a tactic to be bolted on to existing marketing versus an opportunity to align more closely with business priorities and enhance relationships with the organization’s most important clients. 

So join us on February 22 as Heather Adkins, the head of industry, field, and Account-Based Marketing at KPMG, explains how to help your leadership see the value in ABM for the organization overall, not just marketing.


I. Welcome Remarks

Aaron Smith
Marketing Director
Co-Chair of the ANA's ABM Committee

II. ABM and the Cure to the Marketing Silo

In this conversation, learn about a big four consulting firm’s ABM journey. Then, join the discussion for how the ABM program evolved to better align with and support the business to create and capture value.

Session attendees will:

  • Learn tips for how to help leadership see the value in ABM for the organization overall, not just marketing
  • Hear perspective on how to align across the entire GTM team including developing shared goals and objectives
  • Learn more about the ABM Continuum and developing marketing strategy at each level
  • Understand how to integrate ABM into your marketing function and the organization overall.


Heather Adkins
Head of Industry, Field, and Account-Based Marketing | Growth & Strategy


III. Roundtable Discussion

One of the benefits of ANA Committees is the ability to share and learn from fellow marketers in a “closed-door” environment and to leverage and share knowledge and insights with marketing peers. Oftentimes, many marketers have similar challenges so come prepared to talk about key areas of focus and the challenges tied to your initiatives tied to ABM. So get ready to turn on your cameras and unmute your microphones to network, learn, and of course drive growth: for your career, company, our collective industry, and the field of Account-based Marketing.

IV. Top Takeaways

V. Closing Remarks


(Agenda subject to change)