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2014 ANA Media Leadership Conference presented by Google

This event is over.

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The ANA Media Leadership Conference presented by Google will bring together the leaders of the media industry to share insights on the newest ways of reaching today’s consumers and optimizing media spend to build brands and drive sales.

The only constant in the media industry is change.  Programmatic media buying, content marketing, taking media services in-house, the role of agencies, amplifying paid media with earned media, and media measurement are among the timely issues that will be explored.

The conference will provide attendees with ideas on how to:
      - Target customers more effectively and efficiently
      - Gain a deeper understanding on how programmatic media buying really works
      - Leverage content marketing and social with paid media to change brand perceptions and trigger engagement
      - Drive sales through integrated media
      - Consider the best balance between in-house and external resources
      - Measure results
And more!

The hashtag for this event is #ANAmedia.


Mark Kaline
Global Director, Media, Licensing and Consumer Services

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Co-Chair, ANA Media Leadership Committee

Colleen Milway
Media Director
JPMorgan Chase
Co-Chair, ANA Media Leadership Committee

Begins:Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 4:00pm
Ends:Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 12:00pm

Boca Raton Resort & Club
501 East Camino Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432

The ANA has negotiated a special room rate of $320-$439/night based on room type and availability. The reservation cut-off date for the hotel is Monday, March 17, 2014. In order to use the ANA rate, you must be registered to attend the conference. Please call 888-543-1277 and mention the ANA Media Leadership Conference when making the reservation. For hotel information, please visit the Boca Raton Resort & Club.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Registration Opens

Grand Ballroom Foyer


Pre-Conference Session


In an ever-connected world, more people are watching more television, and national advertisers continue to pour dollars into the medium as it remains the largest portion of their annual media strategy.  But today, with the ROI of television budgets scrutinized like never before and “C-suite” executives looking for greater accountability from marketing spend, how do advertisers tie these media expenditures to actual business results?  This session will share best practices of how LifeLock is improving the effectiveness of its television media investments and proving ROI.

Eric Fischer

Director of Media, Sponsorship, and Media Analytics


Grand F-J


Opening Reception  

Cocktails, conversations & connections!

Grand Lawn


Opening Night Dinner  

Digital Publishing: Getting it Right

Rich Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer for MailOnline, will discuss top trends in digital publishing today and discuss how MailOnline is driving unique value for its advertising partners. Topics like native, real-time marketing, branded content and high-impact ads across desktop, tablet and smartphone will all be explored.  MailOnline is the world’s largest English-language newspaper web site reaching 43 million monthly unique U.S. visitors and 187 million worldwide. For people who want to be part of the world’s conversation, MailOnline is a next generation popular news stream driven by the instinct of seasoned journalists and continually optimized with real-time data.

Rich Sutton

Chief Revenue Officer, North America


Grand F-J

Monday, March 31, 2014


Grand F-J


General Session


Craig Geller

SVP, Ad Sales


Grand A-E


Opening Remarks

Suzie Reider

Managing Director, Brand Solutions


Mark Kaline (Co-Host)

Global Director, Media, Licensing and Consumer Services

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Colleen Milway (Co-Host)

Media Director

JPMorgan Chase & Co.



Bob Liodice, ANA president and CEO, is an advocate of change for the media industry, specifically in the critical areas of measurement, the eroding value of digital media, and media transparency.

  • Measurement: The ANA believes that there isn’t any issue more important to marketers than measurement. Simply put, better measurement can help marketers make better decisions that can then drive business results. But there has been no central body in our industry that has guided the measurement discussion, and that needs to change. 
  • Eroding Value of Digital Media: Piracy, click fraud, and viewability issues have led to an erosion of the value of digital media. Marketers are not getting what they’ve paid for! According to some estimates, for example, half of video ads are not viewable at all. Marketers, agencies, and publishers must take notice and address this issue, as otherwise the great hope of digital media could be more like the “great hype.”
  • Media Transparency: More so than at any time in recent memory, ANA has heard many member concerns on media transparency.  This includes issues related to agency trading desks, rebates from media companies to agencies, and programmatic buying. Are agencies and media companies hiding information from marketers, or is this just representative of the new media environment that we are all living in?

Bob Liodice

President and Chief Executive Officer



MasterCard: Leveraging Media to Connect to Consumers

One of the key tenets in any investment today is moving beyond simply reaching people and instead focusing on engaging the audience. MasterCard is working toward increasing value by driving deeper consumer engagement and action to their media investment.  In this session, you will hear about four key areas:

  • The MasterCard Brand: How the "Priceless" campaign has driven value for the company
  • How We Have Evolved: How Mastercard has moved from using media for simply driving awareness to driving action
  • The New Model: How the company has built a media framework that ensures relevance and consistency, and some powerful examples
  • Measuring Success: How the brand measures the success of its media investment

Ben Jankowski

Group Head of Global Media

MasterCard Worldwide


Coffee Break



General Session Cont.

Brands as Publishers

Wearing the hat of publisher is a major shift in the way Xerox traditionally approaches marketing and communication.  Xerox’s use of content marketing has enabled it to change perceptions and reposition the brand.  According to Xerox, essential guidelines for content marketing include integrating paid, owned, and earned content; appropriately employing sponsored native advertising; working closely with media partners to experiment with new formats and messages; and being relevant to your audience.

Barbara Basney

Vice President, Global Advertising and Media

Xerox Corporation

Grand A-E



Programmatic media buying, once dismissed by many marketers as “not for me,” is increasingly becoming a critical component in leading brands’ paid digital media efforts. In this session, you will hear a brief history lesson on the rise of programmatic buying; take a look at the current state of programmatic media buying across display, video and paid social media; and consider some crucial questions many marketers still have, including “What is programmatic buying anyway?”, “What are some things to consider in choosing a programmatic buying technology?”, “What is my agency’s trading desk doing with my money?”, and "What would it take to bring programmatic buying in-house?"

Joanna O'Connell

Director of Research




Marketers have been challenging their media agencies to increase their presence in the digital world. Has digital now become traditional?  How does traditional media interact with its digital counterpart? The fundamental challenge is, “Can traditional and digital media work together to effectively deliver your consumers? Can they play nicely together without ‘hitting’ each other?”  A panel of leading media practitioners will share their thoughts.

Kim Canfield

Director, US Media

Colgate-Palmolive Company

Jerry Daniello

Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing

ABC Television

Joanie Dougherty

Vice President, Ad Sales Integrated Marketing

ABC Family

Moderator: Bill Kashimer

Director, Media, Production and Agency Management

Sun Products Corporation


Luncheon Keynote  

Have you been reading the weather report?

Suzie Reider, Google's managing director of brand solutions, will engage us over lunch on the key industry trends and what advertisers and brand marketers can do (and should do!) to prepare for this next decade of rapid change in all things advertising. Knowing how and when the temperature is shifting can help leaders take a marketing organization through varied weather with innovation and impact.

Suzie Reider

Managing Director, Brand Solutions - North America


Grand F-J


General Session Cont.

Grand A-E


American Licorice Finds Its Sweet Spot with Earned Reach

Driven by the rapid maturation and changing expectations of social and mobile media consumers, marketers must adapt strategies and develop branded content to fit within the inherent experience and individual nuances of various platforms. Meanwhile, challenges include increasing fragmentation of the media landscape, the rising cost of paid impressions on social, and a growing wariness of overt advertising from end users.  At American Licorice, media strategies are constantly being evaluated and optimized to create meaningful experiences for consumers. Focusing on the targeted application of paid media to amplify creative content with earned reach, American Licorice will share how its brands are triggering engagement with very limited budgets.

Michael Kelly

Media & Consumer Communications Manager

American Licorice Company


Stronger Together

Some marketers are taking elements of the media function in-house.  Audience buying and trading desks are examples. John Montgomery, chair of the 4A’s Media Leadership Council and a senior executive at GroupM, will address why this is happening and why he believes it is in the best interests of both marketers and their agencies to continue to work together in this vital discipline.  Examples will be shared of how clients and agencies combined have been stronger than clients working on their own.

John Montgomery

Chief Operating Officer, North America

GroupM Interaction; Chair, 4A's Media Leadership Council


New Currency for Digital Advertising

Media Rating Council is leading the cross-ecosystem movement toward the transition from served ad impressions to viewable impressions for digital advertising transactions. Aligned with the Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative’s recommendation, MRC believes that digital advertising impressions, particularly for brand advertising campaigns, should be viewable in order to be more comparable to other media as the basis of currency. MRC has been engaged in pilot testing and standards development work for more than a year, and will address the expected lifting of its Viewable Impression Advisory, which will allow for the widespread use of viewable impressions as a digital currency metric. In addition, the Kellogg Company will share how it has taken the learning from this initiative to increase the viewability of its digital advertising and dramatically increase ROI.

David Gunzerath

Senior Vice President & Associate Director

Media Rating Council

Aaron Fetters

Director, Insights and Analytics Solutions Center

Kellogg Company





Grand Lawn

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Grand A-E


General Session

Grand A-E


Winning in Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buying is the newest digital marketing buzzword, and is set to revolutionize all media, including TV and out-of-home. But what does it really mean? What are best practices? How do you set up your organization for success? Bob Arnold, a thought leader in the programmatic buying space while working at Kellogg’s and currently the digital media and strategy lead for Google, will share his experience and thoughts to win in this critical space.

Bob Arnold

Digital Media & Strategy Lead, North America



The Wendy's Company Integrated Media Success Story

Wendy’s continues to differentiate itself by “delivering a new QSR experience for consumers at traditional QSR pricing." A complete brand transformation, including re-imaged restaurants, product innovation, new advertising, and a new brand logo, has fueled strong sales and earnings growth for the company and an 80 percent increase in the stock price in 2013. Smart, integrated marketing is also driving sales growth for Wendy's in 2013, and new alliances such as the Wendy’s Wooden Award are important brand-building elements. The Wooden Award, which honors the nation’s top college basketball player, is an integrated marketing program on ESPN consisting of television, digital, radio, print, and in-store materials.

Tim Sullivan

Vice President, Media Strategy & Activation

The Wendy's Company


Coffee Break



General Session Cont.

The Advertiser Perspective on the Hottest Media Issues

A joint ANA/Forrester Research survey asks national advertisers about their attitudes towards the hottest media issues of the moment: media and media agency transparency, programmatic buying, and measurement.

Jim Nail

Principal Analyst

Forrester Research

Grand A-E


Kimberly-Clark Takes Programmatic Buying In-House

Kimberly-Clark has increased its investment in programmatic buying, and is handling much of this activity in-house in partnership with its media agency. This approach has gone beyond cost savings and has allowed the company to leverage data to make its media plans and buys smarter, and increase effectiveness and relevancy to target consumers.

Mark Kaline

Global Director, Media, Licensing & Consumer Services

Kimberly-Clark Corporation


Conference Adjournment

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