Measurement for Marketers

Measurement for Marketers is an ANA business practice that focuses on the marketer agenda and aims to deliver a complete, transparent, and unbiased measurement supply chain that will enable optimal decision making and fuel growth. Measurement for Marketers is designed to deliver growth-based industry leadership initiatives, products and services for the client-side marketer measurement community. With an emphasis on marketers’ measurement priorities, this practice seeks to be at the forefront of integrating leading edge measurement requirements in order to drive growth.

Our priorities
  • Break down silos and reduce industry fragmentation
  • Achieve cross-media measurement
  • Deliver adoption of standards and drive accountability
  • Activate a measurement movement

ANA Cross-Media Measurement Initiative

The ANA Cross-Media Measurement (CMM) Initiative is a marketer-led, industry solution that seeks to provide complete measures of all ad impressions and aims to stay ahead of the consumer through sound principles and on-going industry collaboration. The goal of this initiative is to develop a privacy-safe cross-media measurement infrastructure to exchange data across all media channels to enable waste elimination through frequency capping and cross platform planning allocation. A primary focus of the CMM project is to capture data that delivers metrics that support marketer business use cases, such as de-duplicated reach and frequency can be adequately understood, something that cannot be done today.

The ANA has worked in collaboration with WFA and ISBA to establish common principles and framework and is now focused on developing a solution that leverages both U.S. and global resources for piloting a technical cross-media measurement solution.

The ANA is planning to pilot a U.S. market solution in collaboration with marketers and respective media companies. The ANA is both a strategic contributor in the development at the global common components of the framework that will be applied to the local U.S. market, and the driver in the development of the local U.S. components for solution building.

By bringing together advertisers, TV networks, and large digital platforms, the CMM initiative focuses on collaboratively creating a system of measurement that benefits the entire industry while breaking down silos, increasing transparency and restoring essential metrics for the following different business use cases:

  • Consumer Behavior and Media Transparency: Restore consumer centric, objective and transparent view of ad exposure for an improved consumer experience.
  • Planning: Enable planning and optimization for de-duplicated reach and frequency across all media channels for improved decision making.
  • Campaign Evaluation: Evaluate the complete and cumulative effects of a campaign across all media channels and devices, including value of specific media channels.
  • Outcome and ROI: Improve precision of decision making and outcome measurement leading to greater ROI and accountability.

Vendors for the CMM Initiative

The vendor working group within the CMM initiative is currently soliciting feedback and vendor input regarding the following elements of cross-media measurement:

  • Data formatting, nomenclature and campaign taxonomy to ensure consistency and the ability to link assets across media platforms together. 
  • Identifying output and metric requirements, including reporting frequency and granularity, to establish appropriate inputs and methodology for the marketplace.
  • Virtual lD (VID) model and privacy sketches to identify how VID needs to be developed, calibrated and tested to ensure campaign level cross-media reach and frequency metrics can be produced in a privacy compliant manner.

Vendors that offer business solutions, approach and expertise in the testing areas listed above should click here to fill out a form.