Media Data: EMEA Web in Combination with TV or Print

July 1, 2013

The European Media & Marketing Survey (EMS) /comScore Webplanner allows users to plan web campaigns either separately or in combination with print or TV. EMS has expanded well beyond its original 1995 survey area in Western Europe. It now examines the media and consumption habits of the affluent population in 36 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East and has now also collaborated with comScore to help with boarder campaign planning.

The Webplanner shows the reach for each site as established within EMS and then fuses that number with average page view data from comScore. The ability to model page impressions is made possible using a specialized algorithm developed by Carthage.

The result is that planners can evaluate web campaigns using either page impressions or share of site metrics, alongside the standard TV and print metrics.

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"Media Data: EMEA Web in Combination with TV or Print." The Internationalist. Number 64, 2014.