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Tips for Effective Marketing Strategic Sourcing

April 7, 2010

Tips for Effective Marketing Strategic Sourcing

Too many procurement professionals confuse "purchasing" with strategic sourcing and too many marketers don't understand how to justify their purchases strategically, using the language and analyses of finance.

The best procurement and marketing professionals work from a common framework to maximize value. They deliver both price efficiencies and effective marketing by prioritizing the focus of their finite human and financial resources. They systematically identify, size, and then capture the most promising opportunities by leveraging demand management, strategic substitution, and waste elimination in addition to RFPs and price related strategies.

In this webinar, Chuck Hatsis, President of Surge Consulting, teaches you strategic sourcing techniques used by strategy consultancies that marketers and procurement professionals use to deliver value to their organizations and form solid working relationships with each other.

View video below.


"Tips for Effective Marketing Strategic Sourcing." Chuck Hatsis, President of Surge Consulting. Webinar Wednesdays, 04/07/10.

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