Media Monitoring and PR Metrics Vendors

August 3, 2009

The Question

Members of the Ad Financial Management Committee offered these recommendations to an ANA member looking for vendors that specialize in both media monitoring and metrics for public relations.

The question we asked was:

An ANA member is asking for recommendations for vendors that specialize in both media monitoring (i.e. product mentions, or corporate reputation) and metrics for public relations. An example of such a firm is Nielsen's BuzzMetrics.

The complete responses may be found below.

The Responses

Member Response #1


Member Reponse #2

We recently conducted an RFP for global social media monitoring. Not quite the question you asked, but some of these same firms specialize in media/PR-related monitoring as well. 

Member Response #3

I would add Digital Influence Group as they monitor Social Media.
PR metrics are done by PR Newswire, Marketwire, Business Wire under Press Release monitoring.  Please be advised that these are only listed companies and not necessarily recommendations from [us].

Member Response #4

I have been using Crimson Hexagon. They are pretty good and mid priced. We use Radian6 for corporate, they monitor fine and inexpensively but no interpretation.

Member Response #5

We conducted an RFP for a social media monitoring company in 2008. Based on our needs, we chose Edelman as our partner.   We did receive very good responses from:

Another project was awarded to Strategy One (an Edelman company) to support a PR initiative with media monitoring.

Member Response #6

It is my understanding that [we are] using a company named Cision moving forward.  Beyond the total number of mentions, Cision also evaluates the reach, tone, impact and overall net effect of the coverage which provides more insightful analysis. 

Member Response #7

I would indicate no confidence in Cision US, Inc.  We hired them and sacked them after one year. They bid low to a pitch for the business in order to win it and then failed to deliver against expectations.  Account management was absent, and consistently argumentative.  There was little, if any advice provided.

Member Response #8

We use a company called Direct Impact, a subsidiary of Burson Marsteller.  They are in the WPP family.

Member Response #9

Here are the three key suppliers we've been using who specialized in media monitoring and metrics for PR:

Biz 360, Cymfony (TNS) and BuzzCorps


"Media Monitoring and PR Metrics Vendors," ANA Ad Financial Management Committee, 2009.