Trying to Understand Time Shifting Behavior: Kraft Foods and Their Work with TiVo

January 24, 2006

Integrated Marketing

As part of a corporate branded effort in late 2004, Kraft Foods and their agency partner, MediaVest, forged an integrated marketing partnership between A&E, People Magazine, and TiVo. Built on consumer insights, this partnership yielded "Hollywood Home Movies," an A&E Network special offered by Kraft with limited commercial interruptions.

While this branded content was used across a larger integrated marketing communications program, the team wanted to also leverage its success to build in emerging media components and garner usage learning around time shifting behavior. Recognizing how busy their target is during the holidays, this program was aired on VOD and promoted on TiVo.

The collaborative project Hollywood Home Movies was a two-hour long special airing on primetime. It was the first time Kraft had worked together with a company that specialized in video on demand (VOD). Kraft had integrated many forms of communication to reach today's consumer, delivered their messages across multiple communication platforms, and wanted to execute programming and branded entertainment options with this particular project.

  • Kraft was the sole sponsor of the Hollywood Home Movies special, which aired just prior to Thanksgiving.
  • They also featured a friendly message featuring Kraft CEO Roger Deromedi.
  • Throughout the program breaks (but not commercials), they offered 60 recipe vignettes featuring Kraft brands.
  • These ran in 15 to 30 minute increments.


  • Drive sales of the Kraft brand portfolio (including Nabisco, Oreos, etc.) during the busy holiday season and reach moms.
  • Differentiate the brand from the competition.
  • Connect with core consumers (moms).
  • Get target exposure beyond the single airing of the program special, Hollywood Home Movies.

Strategies and tactics

  • Used a 360 degree program.
  • Enlisted A&E as a partner to help get the Hollywood Home Movies, sponsored by Kraft, into tune-in messages airing on the network, video and on demand area.
  • Had TV Guide run an insert on the program/sweepstakes
  • They also paired up with People Extra issue (which featured print sweepstakes for the Hollywood Home Movies venture. The prize was a trip for 8 to Hollywood to relive a family reunion, and magazine issue also interdispersed Kraft product advertisements - featuring a total of 30 brands - throughout). To qualify, an entrant needed to answer the trivia questions correctly.
  • The People Extra had a limited, but targeted circulation to the Mom demographic they wanted to reach. It also went out to all People
  • Kraft also had a cover wrap around copies, which featured the sweepstakes.
  • Also drove target to visit and used this as a touch point to get them to sign up for recipes sent via e-mail and enter into the special sweepstakes. This website has become the #2 website in the US.
  • TiVo also helped drive traffic to the website and attention to the affiliated sweepstakes.

Kraft's Partnership with TiVo

  • Kraft featured simple solution tips at the end of the programming. They were branded recipe selections that didn't scream out commercial and were not too evasive.
  • Recognized hectic life of Moms, the target audience, and how they are busy recording programs for their children.
  • Wanted to reach the target when SHE was available; TiVo allowed mom to watch program on schedule, preview Hollywood Home movies, see the sweepstakes details, and record the program.
  • 2 main navigational units: a) Gold Star - press top of remote control; encourage clicks on TiVo to enter sweepstakes. Research found that 65-85% go through the gold star.
  • TiVo also featured navigational units that promo-ed Hollywood Home movies. The 3 minute custom vignette highlighted clips and the things they would see in the program. TiVo also tagged tune-in and vignettes, and "green thumbs" which were aired on A&E Broadway to encourage showcase viewing.

Kraft's tie-into the program was successful because the concept of the show was strong and appealing to not just Moms but those across various ages and interests. It featured everyone from director Ron Howard to The Simpsons. In addition, celebrities loved the concept and enjoyed submitting their home movies.


  • VOD viewership exceeded expectations, because moms love to time shift.
  • Fewer commercial interruptions, so that created a higher retention throughout the program.
  • People readers were highly involved, as they recognized Kraft's ads and brands with a great degree of recognition.
  • Internally at Kraft, the interest in emerging media has increased dramatically with more brands.

How was the project's success measured?

It was measured Via the website traffic generated from, TiVo's data collected from the demographic/psychographic investigation, and agreements of users that recorded the program and watched it live. Also, Kraft could find out the number of people that watched Hollywood Home Movies that had selected the commercial free option, or put it in their cable "favorites" section.

Also in the research, the company asked specific questions and found a greater affinity for Kraft.


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