Six Marketing Organization Models

January 1, 2005

1. Growth Champion
Recognized and valued for its contribution to revenues, the growth champion helps set the company's priorities, leading product innovation and new business development. It is as important as finance, sales, or other major departments. For example, consider consumer products giant Procter & Gamble, whose entire marketing organization focuses on category management and whose global category management units have P&L responsibility across countries.

2. Senior Counselor
The senior counselor offers the chief executive officer and individual businesses guidance on marketing strategy and leads advertising, promotion, and public relations initiatives-but does not drive company strategy. For example, cosmetics company L'Oreal manages its brands as separate companies, with central marketing offering advice on strategic issues and local marketing doing the same for operative issues

3. Brand Builder
Among the most important support organizations in the company, the brand builder provides such marketing services as communications strategy, creative output, and campaign execution. It is the company's central manager of agency relationships. For example, the marketing organization of candy maker Ferrero Rocher focuses on branding and provides guidance to geographically organized business units.

4. Marketing Master
Equipped with the authority and the skills to lead company-wide marketing efforts and to set business priorities, the marketing master coordinates with sales, product development, and other functions. A marketing master drives growth strategy but lacks certain decision rights and does not have leadership positioning as the clear dominant function within the organization.

5. Best Practices Advisor
The goal is to help individual businesses be effective and efficient marketers, so the best practices advisor provides guidance on internal and external marketing best practices. This type of marketing organization plays the role of an internal process-focused consultant for the business unit marketing departments.

6. Service Provider
On request, this organization provides advertising, promotion, public relations, and other marketing services to brand and product teams. The service provider is a fairly weakly structured, reactive marketing organization that is really only called upon at the last stage of the marketing process to help with tactical execution; it may not even be used widely throughout the whole organization.




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