Media Agency Performance Evaluation Best Practices

March 28, 2010

These checklists, provided by Richard Benyon, partner, Decideware, cover best practices for evaluating media agencies and handling evaluation findings.

Best Practices for Media Agency Evaluations:

  • Fully engage your agency. Consider holding 360° evaluations.
  • Limit the number of questions. Fifteen to 25 questions is a good guide.
  • Involve multiple evaluators in order to get a balanced view of the relationship.
  • Keep the evaluation window as short as possible (e.g. 3 weeks) and provide reports to your stakeholders quickly.
  • Hold a mandatory client/agency meeting that includes formalized action planning once the evaluation is complete.

Best Practices for Analyzing Evaluation Findings:

  • Use the scores to identify issues. Read the comments to understand why issues have occurred and what to do about them.
  • Look at the individual evaluators' feedback. Sometimes the aggregate score can hide deeper problems.
  • Benchmark and trend agency performance. Compare one agency's score to relationships with other agencies of the same type
  • Look at whether or not an agency has improved since the last evaluation.
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"Media Agency Performance Evaluation Best Practices." Reprinted with Permission from Richard Benyon, Partner, Decideware. ANA Marketing Toolkits.