2014: New Tech, New Tactics, New Talent

December 19, 2013

BMA Buzz: What are your plans for 2014? How is your strategy evolving, and what are your budget priorities?

Kathy Button Bell: The job that marketing is responsible for keeps getting broader. We are increasingly involved in market research behind new product development and [we’re reshaping] the digital customer experience. [These efforts] both are probably taking 100% of new dollars for us. We’re moving some traditional media dollars in there as well.

We’ll hire more market research talent into a shared services pool at Emerson. We’re crowning marketing people as the evangelists, kind of the voice of the customer, and actually putting money behind that. We will hire more people that are good at that and give everyone more resources toward market research, to improve speed and delivery on our new products.

We’re also feeling the need to evolve our digital experience for our customers. That’s a multi-year thing for us. We’re really trying to expand into responsive design, to create a more customized design for anyone who comes to the website, to create a richer experience.

We’re changing our technology backbone so it’s easier to crawl. We’re paying a lot more attention to search engine optimization and native language and things like that.

There is so much proof of concept as you do these bigger digital transformations. You spend a year on the proof of concept and then it takes several years to get it rolled up as the whole corporation. You live in beta in that situation. As you go you tend to iterate. It makes your adoption slower but better.

Eduardo Conrado: In 2014, our plan for marketing and IT at Motorola Solutions is to continue improving our sales enablement work – that includes the content, tools and processes we’ve established in 2013. We also will continue working with and learning from our customers to improve the customer digital experience across all touch points.

We will continue to work closely with our sales team to create a holistic strategy for our systems of engagement, or the front-office systems. We also will continue to develop our data architecture and processing tools in order to improve our analytics and back office operations.

We plan on developing our talent pool further but looking for “athletes” that can fit anywhere within the company, even without an open position. Our investments in technology will continue at the same level in 2014 as in 2013, and we plan on increasing digital advertising as well.

George Stenitzer: Tellabs continues to focus on creating thought-provoking content that helps customers address industry trends. In February, we’ll release a new industry analyst study to show customers how much they can reduce operating expenses with a new technology called software-defined networking. SDN is a highlight of our biggest trade show, Mobile World Congress.

We plan a number of improvements in tellabs.com in 2014. We plan to add responsive design to make the site friendlier to smartphones. We’ll build a broader content management system to make content easier to freshen. And we’ll intensify our focus on conversions as we strengthen our overall demand generation.

Our 2014 budget continues to emphasize content, digital media and events.


"2014: New Tech, New Tactics, New Talent."  BMA Buzz. 12/19/13.