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Marketing Content Courtesy of IEG

IEG, a sponsorship management company, has contributed over 20 pieces of content on sponsorship activation, valuation, management, and measurement to the ANA’s Marketing Knowledge Center. This IEG collection on sponsorship includes case studies, category updates, interviews, best practices, and trend reports covering a wide variety of industry verticals. For more information about IEG, a Knowledge Partner of the ANA, please visit www.sponsorship.com.

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Kia Tees Up New Sponsorships

According to this IEG report, Kia has expanded its existing sponsorship partnerships with the NBA and LPGA at the team and sanctioning body levels.

Merrell Tries on New Sponsorship Strategy

Merrell, an outdoor footwear and clothing company, has become the title sponsor of two national non-traditional endurance sports properties, shifting its traditional sponsorship strategy of partnering with local and regional sporting events.

A Sponsorship Measurement Solution

This white paper from IEG looks at how marketers can apply marketing science to sponsorship ROI measurement.

The Importance of Sponsor Cross-Promotions

Cross-promotions can provide sponsors with exposure in non-traditional marketing channels, allow sponsors to access new inventory, and help sponsors build new relationships, according to this report from IEG.

Industry Compensation Takes a Step Backwards in 2012

This 16th annual report from IEG takes a look at salary rates among sponsorship professionals in 2011.

Economic Uncertainty to Slow Sponsorship Growth in 2012

According to IEG, recent global and national economic crises have slowed the projected growth of sponsorship activities for 2012.

BP Tops Off Sponsorship Portfolio with New Local Ties

BP America is now using sponsorships to help improve consumer engagement on the local level, according to IEG.

Kodak Adopts New Activation Strategy Around PGA Tour

According to IEG, Kodak will be placing more of a B-to-B emphasis on its PGA Tour sponsorship over the next four years than the brand has in years past.

Macy’s Gets Sporty with Sponsorship

Macy’s is testing a sponsorship of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) as a test to determine if they will expand further into the sports marketing space, according to this IEG report.

Wireless Service Providers Call Up New Sponsorships

This IEG report looks at the sponsorship strategies currently being employed by AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T Mobile, and Sprint.

Schwab Activates PGA Tour with New Online Documentary Series

Charles Schwab is adding a new activation element to their long-standing PGA Tour sponsorship, according to this IEG report.

Tire Category Gains Sponsorship Traction

Tire manufacturers are continuing to aggressively invest in sponsorships and sponsorship activations, according to this IEG report.

Deep Pockets: The Biggest Sponsorship Spenders of 2010 [Archived]

Seventy-seven companies spent more than $15 million on sponsorships in 2010, according to IEG.

Why Exclusivity Isn’t What It Used to Be

Although category exclusivity remains a top perk for companies interested in major sponsorships, many sponsors can no longer afford the cost of it, according to IEG.

Wyndham Takes PGA Tour Event on Vacation

The goal of Wyndham’s PGA Tour sponsorship is to promote the company’s wide range of vacation offerings, according to IEG.

General Electric Charges Up Sponsorship Activity

GE has extended its sponsorship of the International Olympic Committee’s TOP program through 2020.

Mercedes-Benz Wants Nothing but the Best for Its Sponsorships

In 2009, when the rest of the industry began to cut back on sponsorships, Mercedes-Benz chose to reinvest in them, according to IEG.

SAP: Making Sponsorship Run Better

SAP’s approach to sponsorship has evolved from a focus on hospitality and awareness-building to creating integrated platforms that highlight their technological expertise, according to IEG.

Brand on the Run: Behind HP’s Partnership with Paul McCartney

Hewlett-Packard has signed on to sponsor Paul McCartney’s 2011 tour. In addition to the tour itself, elements of the partnership include the creation of a cloud-based digital library of Beatles music and other content archives.

Heineken’s Top Shelf Approach to Sponsorship

Heineken uses its sponsorships to maintain their premium global positioning and engage consumers worldwide, according to IEG.

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