Today's 100 Marketing Leaders

July 1, 2013

The Internationalist announces its annual list of 100 Marketing leaders from around the world to acknowledge those industry executives who are consistently moving our business forward and are the champions of insuring that brands can cross borders with relevance and responsibility.

The focus of The Internationalist is to connect the people & ideas in international marketing through content, thought leadership, community and collaboration. since 2003, The Internationalist has been honoring those industry pioneers who further the role of multinational marketing as internationalists of the Year, innovators, trendsetters, the 100, the latin American 100, the next 50, the European 50, the Asia 50, and the china 50. bringing together these individuals will create the foundation of a new peer-to-peer initiative called The Internationalist 1000. (that's our 10 years of 100 new leaders every year!) The Internationalist 1000 project — 1000 Marketers around the World reshaping the future of Marketing — in partnership with the ANA/Association of National Advertisers is a group of dedicated industry leaders who are reshaping our understanding of marketing's expanding role throughout the world.

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"Today's 100 Marketing Leaders." The Internationalist. Number 64, 2013.