Kraft Foods: Leap! Why It’s Time for Your Company to Make Big Moves

October 21, 2011

Executive Summary

In this video clip, Dana Anderson, Senior Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Communications at Kraft Foods explains to attendees that we are living in a VUCA world that will require a new set of skills, such as flexibility and learning through immersion.

V = Volatility
U = Uncertainty
C = Complexity
A = Ambiguity

View video below.


"Kraft Foods: Leap! Why It's Time for Your Company to Make Big Moves." Dana Anderson, Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Communications, Kraft Foods. ANA Annual Masters of Marketing Conference, 10/21/11.

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Jeff Allen

August 8, 2012 6:03pm ET

Dana is pure genius. I heard her give a talk entitled, “The Bad Boys’ Guide To Digital Bliss," at the Forrester Marketing Forum in April 2011, and was inspired and entertained.