The Social Revolution at TurboTax

October 16, 2010

Executive Summary

With 11% growth in total returns this year, it’s clear that more taxpayers are turning to Intuit’s do-it-yourself TurboTax software. Chalk it up to Intuit’s innovative disposition—achieving marketing firsts is a priority for TurboTax. The company tapped into various aspects of social media, connecting with millions of happy customers and prospective ones as well. Seth Greenberg, vice president, global media and digital marketing at Intuit Inc., discussed TurboTax’s offline/online brand-response campaign, one of the largest in the marketplace, and revealed how the company is utilizing its online community to drive significant revenue growth.

Speaker: Seth Greenberg, Vice President, Global Media & Digital Marketing, Intuit

View video below.


"The Social Revolution at Turbo Tax." Seth Greenberg, Vice President, Global Media and Digital Marketing, Intuit Inc. ANA 2010 Annual Conference, 10/16/10.

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