State Tax Incentives for Commercial Production: Found Money for Advertisers

May 8, 2012

Executive Summary

Over the past several years, in an effort to stimulate local economies, many U.S. states have passed legislation designed to lure television and film productions to their states. This legislation has taken the form of rebates or tax credits, which ranges from 5% to as much as 42% of the "qualified" expenditures in that state. The programs have been successful in building local resources in terms of stages, equipment, and crews. Several, but not all, of these states extend the incentives to producers of commercials. The process to qualify for these incentives can be arduous, especially for commercials, and differs from state to state (which explains why so few advertisers have yet to take advantage of these financial benefits). But, the benefits are compelling and the process can be managed. The Ease Incentives Office, experts in managing this process for film and television clients, also works with commercial productions, and explained both the process and benefits to advertisers in this presentation.

View video below.


"State Tax Incentives for Commercial Production: Found Money for Advertisers." Michael G. Rose, Chairman and CEO, Ease Commercial Services; John Lick, Executive Producer, Broadcast, Target; Valerie Light, Sourcing Process Leader, Broadcast Production Manager for Television and Radio, Verizon Communications; Shelley Landgraf, Owner/Founder, The Landgraf Consulting Group.  Production Management Committee Meeting, 03/02/10; ANA West Coast Marketing Financial Management & Procurement Committee, 03/28/12; ANA Advertising and Financial Management Conference, 05/08/12.

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