ANA Committee Leadership Initiatives

February 21, 2014

Executive Summary

ANA committees are key originators and advocates of leadership initiatives.

Committees provide eyes, ears, and a voice.

  • The “eye and ears” identify issues that ANA should be made aware of (and perhaps take action on)
  • The “voice” provides strong credibility to a position

When ANA (and our committees) has something to say, the marketing community takes notice and listens.
Input from committee members on future leadership initiatives for ANA to consider is most welcome.

ANA 2013 committee leadership white papers:

  • Payment Terms — Current Practices for Marketing Services
  • Sponsorship and Event Marketing Measurement
  • Optimizing Integrated Multi-Screen Campaigns
  • ANA/4A’s Agency Selection Briefing Guidance
  • The Rise of the In-House Agency
  • Elevating the Role of Marketing Procurement
  • Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings: Benefits and Solution Providers

Other recent historical ANA committee leadership white papers:

  • Media Rebates/Incentives Require Full Transparency

  • The Found Money of State Commercial Production Incentives

  • Agency Trading Desks: Basics Marketers Need to Know & Questions to Ask

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"ANA Committee Leadership Initiatives." ANA 2013.