Nielsen to Expand Local TV Market Samples

May 28, 2014

by Wayne Friedman

More major Nielsen TV markets will see their respective sample sizes grow over the next two years. Overall, sample sizes for fifteen of Nielsen's Local People Meter markets will see increases that will average 30%.

In the two largest markets -- New York and Los Angeles -- sample sizes will grow by 300 homes each next year. Another eight markets -- Charlotte, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, and Phoenix -- will follow, with each seeing their sample size increase by 200 homes in 2015.

Five previously announced markets -- which include Dallas, Washington, D.C., Houston, Miami, and Denver -- will each see an increase of 200 homes this year.

Separately, Nielsen will expand samples by almost 50% -- around 200 homes -- in the 31 set-meter markets over the next two years.

In a move that will help small TV markets, Nielsen announced earlier this year plans to install code readers in select diary markets to bring year-round electronic measurement. There are 25 Nielsen local people meter markets; 31 Nielsen set-meter markets and 154 Nielsen diary-only markets.

Said Matt O'Grady, executive vice president/managing director of local media of Nielsen, in a release: “With this supplemental expansion, our local media clients will see increased stability through expanded metered samples and electronic measurement to diary markets that never had metered samples.”


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