Legal Toolkit

November 22, 2010

This ANA marketing toolkit contains interactive contracts, forms, and checklists from Douglas J. Wood's newly updated book, Please Be Ad-Vised: An ANA Legal Reference Guide for the Advertising Executive that readers can use and personalize immediately.

Part One: The Creative Side of Advertising

Chapter One: Ownership and Protection of Creative

Chapter Four: Comparative Advertising

Chapter Five: Sales Promotion

Chapter Six:  Marketing on the Internet

Chapter Eight: Infomercials

Chapter Eleven: Music in Advertising

Chapter Twelve: Government Regulation

Chapter Fourteen:

Part Two: The Business Side of Advertising

Chapter Sixteen: The Relationship Between the Advertising Agency and Its Client

Chapter Seventeen: Website Development and Maintenance Agreements

Chapter Nineteen: Vendor Relationships

Chapter Twenty: Dealing with Production Companies

Chapter Twenty-One:  Dealing with Media

Chapter Twenty-Two:  Dealing with Actors, Agents, and Talent Brokers

Chapter Twenty-Three: Talent Unions

Chapter Twenty-Four: Considerations in Mergers and Acquisitions of Advertising Agencies