Advertising’s Transparency Crisis

May 7, 2014

Executive Summary

Concerns about media buying transparency have moved to the forefront of marketers’ minds in the past few years. Programmatic technology advancements and major agency mergers and acquisitions have convoluted and muddied the media marketplace. As the media supply chain becomes more complex and the number of intermediaries in the buying and placement process increases, brands must find new ways to ensure that their budgets are actually going to their campaigns, and that their campaigns are actually being seen. Experts from around the world discussed the concerns, developments, and best practices for achieving media buying transparency.

(View video below.)


“Advertising’s Transparency Crisis.” Part I: Susan Charles, Vice President of Member Services at the Association of Canadian Advertisers, Inc.; Steve Lightfoot, Senior Manager of Global Marketing Procurement at World Federation of Advertisers; Debbie Morrison, Director of Consultancy and Best Practices at ISBA. Part II: Bill Duggan, Group EVP at ANA; Katherine Freeley, Senior Sourcing Manager of Media at Colgate-Palmolive; PJ Leary, Chief Executive Officer of North America at Ebiquity; Morten Pedersen, Founder and Chairman of GLUE2020. ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference, 5/7/14.

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